Gang raped by two Brothers

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Earlier today I posted the following article from today’s  Japan Times regarding the sex abuse scandal at St. Mary’s International School:

29 April 2015:  A child rape at St. Mary’s school in Tokyo, then a 50-year wait for closure

What a tale of absolute horror.

As I said in a comment, yes, “Jacob,” that poor scared little 11-year-old Jewish boy , was was sodomised by not one, but two, Brothers of Christian Instruction.  I will address that in a few days, along with other information regarding the embassies.  At the same time I will post a few more documents.

I was just wondering as I type, would this constitute gang  rape?  I believe it does.   Are there requisite numbers?

I just checked and according to Wikipedia while there are usually three or more violators can be two.  No matter, I think  that it goes without saying that what those two brothers did to that child was gang rape.

The ultimate in sexual depravity.

Please keep  the victim in your prayers.  Those of you who have trod this painful path know how very difficult  it is to disclose information such as this.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Gang raped by two Brothers

  1. 1yellowknife says:

    Within this context, perhaps the term “pedofile ring” may apply. Child passed from one to the next abuser. Not the isolation most often seen in child abuse. It certainly raises the question: “Who else was involved; who else was abused?”.

    If the abused little boy, now an adult, reads these posts, I hope he feels comforted by the outrage expressed via this widely viewed, highly regarded site. We are horrified and all so very very sorry. You are strengthening our resolve to act where ever we are and how ever we are able. Thank you.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Yes, 1yellowkife, that makes sense too: paedophile ring may well be applicable

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