He’s leaving the priesthood!

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I’m here 🙂  My weekends have become busy – and yesterday (Monday) I had an appointment for eye check-up which for various reasons occupied almost the full day and then left me incapable of seeing properly because of dilated pupils 🙁

Things are back to ‘normal’ this morning, and the first order of business was to deal with my website which had exceeded data limits, and then answer a few emails which needed to answered immediately.

That done I wanted to get this article posted:

25 April 2015:  UPDATED: OLG’s Fr. Joe Gorman leaves priesthood

You may recall that I posted a short blog (Mess in Aurora) about the Father Gorman fiasco in February of this year, and with that a link to an article regarding his temporary removal from Our Lady of Grace in Aurora Ontario.

Now news that Father Gorman is leaving the priesthood!!

Can anyone enlighten me further on what exactly has been going on in this particular scandal?

I will round up and post all media coverage and information on Father Joe Gorman.


In my last blog I mentioned that I will provide more details regarding Brother John Paradis‘fic knowledge that Brother Lawrence Lambert fic had sodomised a young Jewish boy at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo.    That information is still coming, but for a variety of reasons is on hold until until next week.

Enough for now,


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