Former RCMP officer

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There is still information which can be added to the Father Rocky Grimard omi page, but I think for now there is suffice to get the idea he has been here, there and everywhere, both in Canada and the United States since he was ordained 31 May 1991.

I was surprised to see that Father Grimard was an RCMP officer for eight-and-a-half years prior to his ordination.  He served somewhere in Northern Canada:  as yet I have no idea where.

Somewhere in all those articles linked to info is mention of his recent role as chaplain to a police force of some sort in the States.  I just now realized that I have not posted that information so must hunt about to find my source. I think it’s probably in one of those links:  if you happen upon it please send me the link 🙂

Note too that, while Father has been serving in the United States since leaving St. Henry’s in Melville Saskatchewan in 2003 he has been back to Canada to conduct retreats.  I have found two such instance, once in Yorkton Sask. in 2007,  and, just prior to Christmas last year in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  I think there are probably many more such instances, it’s simply a case of tracking them down.  Again, if you come across any please send me the link.

There are dates I am not yet clear on, for example, in September 2012 he was assigned to the staff at Immaculata Retreat House, Willimantic, Connecticut, but on occasion there is information which places him both at the retreat house in Connecticut and at the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in Sarita Texas.    I think the Oblates at Immaculata have expunged all reference to Father Grimard from their website so it’s difficult to try to sort out exactly when he was on the move again and off to Sarita Texas.  Again, if you come across a document which clarifies exactly when he moved  please send the link.  I will spend some more time on this tomorrow to see if I can tighten timelines up a little more.

For now, I cringe at the thought of the multitudes across Canada and the United States who have encountered this priest in their church, or on retreat or during a marriage encounter weekend.

Enough for now.


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11 Responses to Former RCMP officer

  1. Sylvia says:

    I found it!

    _ “According to county sources, Grimard currently serves as a chaplain for a local law enforcement agency” The sentence is in an article posted down the page – scroll down to”Former S.A. clergyman arrested …” KENS 5, 01 April 2015.

    I also found him conducting an Advent Retreat 08 Dec. 2008 at Saint Joseph the Worker Shrine, advertised on Archdiocese of Boston website

    He really did get around!

  2. Susan says:

    Fr Rocky was an absolute beautiful loving human being. His heart is filled with the love for Christ and all Gods ppl. He has helped thousands of ppl everywhere he goes. I have him as a personal friend as a priest and as a spiritual director. I love him. I was never afraid of him. He would lay down his life to help anyone. Things happen and ppl fall but I’m praying to God he will get up again, get some help and become a good citizen once again. Ppl judge. Jesus judged no one and loved at all times. Fr Rocky taught this to everyone everywhere he went. I pray for a very happy ending to this story. ❤️🙏🌹

    • lisa anthony says:

      don’t go by your feelings–read the writing on the wall—why do you feel the need to protect an obvious sexual deviant??

  3. Iris says:

    Father Rocky is a wonderful person who has helped many many people. He is a very kind hearted and gentle soul. We who know him as a priest and friend love him. We are not to judge. Instead, we will pray for his well being and that he will get healed to get back into doing what he does the best at and that his being a priest! I have not seen nor spoken to father Rocky for quite a few years now but would feel like yesterday if I was to meet up with him. He was and still is most welcome in my home. Wonderful man!

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Iris Susan- or is it susan Iris
      You sound just like another cover-upper ! Have you no idea how foolish your posts sound?

    • lisa anthony says:

      did you read the part about how he pulled his pants down for the officers and was about to touch the private part as well as using sexually deviant language?

  4. clementine kulikowski says:

    Fr Rocky (St. Henry’s, Melville) was a very charismatic individual – big personality, big ego, big guy. Naturally everyone thought he was the best ever priest. However, no one should be fooled – a charismatic personality often comes with a character deficit. He made me uncomfortable.
    Fr Ron Rolheiser succeeded Fr Rocky at St. Henry’s – quite a change for the congregation. Fr Ron was a more introverted, scholarly and severe individual – he was a more authentic and honest person. I am not sure that he was much more than an acquaintance of Fr. Rocky.
    It’s too bad. I feel sorry for the church and the good, honest priests who plod along trying to do their best.

  5. clementine kulikowski says:

    Error – the priest who succeeded Fr Rocky at St. Henry’s was Fr Wendelin Rolheiser the brother of Fr Ron Rolheiser, who is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX.

  6. Janice says:

    I have known Rocky for almost my entire life, mostly when I was a child. He has always been very sweet and kind to me, and never did or said anything inappropriate. He told me years ago why he left the RCMP to become a priest. He was in pursuit of a perpetrator for reasons that I can no longer remember. It was dark, he had his gun drawn and was prepared to shoot when he suddenly realized that this person was a child. The thought that he came so close to injuring and quite possibly killing a child broke him, and from then on he felt driven to become a priest so that he could devote the rest of his life to helping people. I do not believe in God and I especially do not believe in the Catholic Religion. One part of the religion that I am extremely against is the fact that priests must stay abstinent. This is unnatural and is bound to make a person go nutty. If priests were allowed to marry, or even better be openly gay, things like this would not happen. I feel that pure desperation most likely drove him to this, and I honestly don’t blame him. What a tortured existence priests must lead just because they think they are doing what God has asked them to do. They follow these crazy rules that have been made up by man and slowly die inside in the process. I understand that you can’t truly know a person or if they are good or evil, but I don’t think that Rocky is a bad person, he just needs some understanding.

    • Geenda says:

      I agree with you that chastity is unnatural, but surely these grown adult men could find a consenting adult to indulge their perfectly natural urges. Why destroy a child? Why give a life sentence to a child? That Catholic Church for all its problems does not push any priest to molest CHILDREN. It something these EVIL men CHOOSE to do and they KNOW full well what they are doing. Many of these priests not only molested children, they beat and brutalized them as well… is that the Catholic Churches fault?….

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