Three religious brothers added

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The names of the two brothers and links to pages with further information have been added to the Accused list:

(1)  Brother Daniel Cournoyer fms

Brother Cuoroyer is definitely still a brother with the religious order known as the Marist Brothers.  There are many references to him in various Marist publications, but, alas,  all are in French!  I went through enough to conclude that he is still active – prior to the charges that is – and is still with the Marist Brothers.

  Click here to access the website for the Canadian arm of the Marist Brothers.  This will lead you to all sorts of publications.  I was on several Marist sites around the world – I googled his name on the site search and came up with a number of articles, but, as I say, all in French.  If anyone can do look through some of those to see if there is anything of merit which should be added to the page please do.

(2)  Brother Rejean Trudel fms

I think Rejean Trudel is no longer with the Marist Brothers; there seems to be no recent record of him, at least not that I can find.  If he had simply retired I believe that he would still be showing up at Marist gatherings and would be referenced from time to time, but that does not seem to be the case.

If anyone can find anymore information on Trudel please pass it along.

I commend the complainants for coming forward.  Please keep them in your prayers.


I have received word of another Brother from a  different religious order in Quebec who is at the heart of recently launched class action suit.  After I do a bit of checking for further information I will be adding the name of Jean-Paul Thibault who is said to be a brother with the Frères de Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde.  Once it has been added I will let you know.  Thankfully I have found one article in English which gives quite a bit of information – much of the other information will probably be in French – I am totally out of my element here, any and help greatly appreciated 🙂

Enough for now,


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