Brockville court date

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Former church organist Brian Lucy has a courtdate tomorrow:

30 March 2015:  10 am, Assignment court,  Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square

This appearance is related to a set of sex abuse charges and a set of child porn charges which were merged.

Lucy had another set of charges laid 20 March 2015.  The last I knew of that particular set of charges was that he was in custody pending a bail hearing.  Normally by now he would have been released on bail, but, he breached his bail before.  The fact, those child porn charges were laid at the same time that he was charged with breaching his bail conditions on the first set of sex abuse charges.

Is it possible he might have been denied bail because of the previous breach?  Yes, possible, but, –  probably not probable? ( :))

Anyway, Brian Lucy has a courtdate tomorrow.  If anyone is free to attend please do so.  Things will be a little confusing  with the new set of charges so if you do make it try to get a seat right up at the front and listen carefully to try to sort out if  there is any mention of the new charges and if there are plans to eventually merge those with the others.

Please send along links to any media coverage of the outcome.  And please, as always,  keep the complainants in your prayers.

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