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I am in the midst of posting a series of articles regarding the Society of St. John, Fathers Eric Ensey and Carlos Urrutigoity.  These were published when household was in the midst of our health woes.  I am just now catching up and getting them posted.  They are timely in that Father Carlos Urrutigoity is still a priest. Father Ensey has mercifully been defrocked, but Father Urrutigoity was taken in by Opus Dei Bishop Livieres in the Ciudad del Este Diocse of Paraguay.

What is timely about these articles is that, as some may recall, Bishop Lievre has since been given the papal boot – he’s gone.  However, despite a ruckus about his predatory history, Father Urrutigoity is still there!  It’s true that he was demoted from his post as Vicar General, but, sad to say,  he’s still a priest and still somewhere in the diocese.

It’s unclear exactly why Bishop Liviers was sent packing aside the fact there was in-fighting between he and his fellow Paraguayan bishops.  It did not appear to have anything to do with giving shelter  and the highest post in the diocese to a clerical sexual predator.  It should have, but that  alas seemed inconsequential.

Meanwhile, as you know, there has been a massive protest in Chile regarding the installation of Father Barros as Bishop of Osorno.  Despite much publicity regarding Bishop Barros’s sexual ‘indiscretions’ – Barros remains a bishop and the installation proceeded.

Can you make an ounce of sense out if all?

Anyway, I am still working at posting this excellent series of articles.  There are links still be added int  body of the articless, and two more installments in the series to be posted.  I will finish it up tomorrow, but since there is a fair bit of reading I wanted to give you a head start 🙂

Here are the articles which are posted:

The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (IV)

The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (V)

The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (VI)

The following, parts one, two and three, were posted on the site last August:

29 August 2014:  The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (III)

21 August 2014:  The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (II)

04 August 2014:  The Curious Case of Carlos Urrutigoity (I)


I will give court updates tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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