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I will check this afternoon for the next courtdate for Father John Sullivan (Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.)  The information is often not available until afternoon so I usually wait.  As soon as I have a date I will post.


There is judicial pre-trial hearing for Brian Lucy this morning (Wednesday, 11 March 2015)  I didn’t make note of it earlier because it is NOT open to the public.   His next courtdate, which was already set, is:

30 March 2015: 10 am, Assignment court, Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square).

This proceeding of 30 March IS open to the public.


A number of articles have been posted on The Inquiry website.  As most of you know the whole website came down when it was no longer compatible with new server equipment. I am slowly rebuilding the site, a mammoth task, but each bit takes it a step closer to completion.

Because of the number of names and connections in the Cornwall scandal I have always tried to insert links so that those who wish to do so can follow through on connections and background.  I continue to do so, however that frequently leads me all over the place in posting one single article 🙁   And then there are links to blogs.  The blogs related to the Cornwall Public Inquiry were all linked to the old site.  Those links are being re-established to the new site as I go along.

Bit by bit progress is being made 🙂

Check the Home page of The Inquiry.  I will try to post links there as I rebuild the site.

As you see, the Garry Guzzo page is back .  There is much still to be done there.

A page for  Julian Fantino has also been started.

Please click through the various links so that search engines can once again find the material.

Enough for now,


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