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The trial of Father Abraham Joseph Azakathu mst, an Indian priest with the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle who has been serving in the Archdiocese Grouard –McLennan, Alberta since 2009, continues to today.   Here is the media coverage, such as it is:

05 March 2015:  “Alberta Catholic priest denies sexually touching private parts of minor” & related articles

As you see, there is really no information as to what happened in court yesterday.  Yes, we know that he has denied “touching” the child, but that is all.  It seems the publication ban extends even to the gender of the child?

That alas is the sum of the coverage.  Perhaps there will be more in depth coverage after things wrap up today?

During my search for news I came across a September 2014 newsletter from the Archbishop  of Grourard-McLennan, Gerard Pettipas CSsR.  The Archbishop, “along with other priests and parishioners” attended Father Azakathu’s  preliminary hearing 21 August 2014 in Peace River.  I wonder, were they all back in court for the trial?

If you come across any more coverage please send along a a link.  And, as always. please keep the complainant in your prayers.


As I said above, while searching for coverage of the trial I stumbled upon Archbishop Pettipas’ September 2014 newsletter.  Included in the newsletter is reference to the trial last July of a Father Abraham Chempottickal. Father Chempottickal entered a guilty plea in absentia.

Father Chempottickal, like  Father Azakathu , is a priest with Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle; he too was serving in the Archdiocese of  Grouard –McLennan.

I am going to see what I can find about this.  Will bring you up to date shortly

Enough for now,



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