Fugitive Catholic teacher was in Tokyo

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Here is an update on next courtdates:

(1)  Father Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

02 March 2015:  08:30 am, courtroom #5, “to be spoken to,” Ottawa Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

(2)  Father Ronald Leger (Viatorian priest in Archdiocese (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

23 March 2015:  1 pm, courtroom #301, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (408 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba )

(3) Deacon William Kokesch (Archdiocese of Montreal )

24 March 2015: 09:30 am, for sentencing, Montreal Quebec courthouse (1, rue Notre-Dame Est)

Can you believe it?  Kokesch entered a guilty plea back in February 2014!  Over a year, and still not sentenced.  I have heard that the Crown has been sick and a new Crown had to be brought in, but, even if that is fact, – surely a year from a “guilty” plea to sentencing is a bit much?

Let’s hope and pray that Kokesch will actually be sentenced this time.

A question.  I have been told that at some time William Kokesch was working with CBC in Sudbury, Ontario.  Does anyone know what years he was in Sudbury?

Please keep all the complainants and those affected by these men in your prayers.


I have word that Frank Selas was back in Tokoyo in the mid 80s.  That was after his “Mr. Wonder” days – after he fled Louisiana when police came to question him about the goings on at a 1979 camping trip for boys.  His car was found at the Munroe airport.  Charges were laid related to sex abuse of six boys during that camping trip.  And Selas was gone.  Warrants were issued for his arrest.

And now we learn that Selas had hop-scotched over to Japan.  Well, at least he was there in the mid 80s.

My source has told me that Selas showed up in a Grade 4 SMIS classroom at SMIS one day.  He wasn’t a teacher on staff,  but allegedly popped into a Grade 4 class out of nowhere and proceeded to engage and charm the boys.

Selas was back in the States in perhaps late summer of 1985.  Whether  he was visiting or back permanently is unknown, but he was in States.

I shall try to find out more, but do want to ask if anyone has any recollection of Selas hanging around SMIS or somewhere in Tokypo in the mid 80s?

Oh yes, another thing:  his wife is from Argentina, and he had two daughters.

Enough for now,


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    What does ” to be spoken too” mean in court?

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