Computer revived

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There is one courtdate scheduled for tomorrow:

Father Peter Groulx (Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario):

24 February 2015 :  09:30 am, “to set a date,”    Thunder Bay, Ontario courthouse (125 Brodie Street North. Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


I have no word as yet on the outcome of the courtdates of today (Monday, 23 Feb.) for Fathers Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario) and  Ronald Leger (viatorian in Archdiocese (Winnipeg, Manitoba).  I will check on each tomorrow afternoon for the next courtdate.  I will also try to find out regarding the sentencing of Deacon William Kokesch (Archdiocese of Montreal )


I do believe in miracles!

So, today I took up a generous friend on his offer to take a look at my dying computer.  He spent five hours fiddlig and fixing and cleaning and checking.  Yes, five full hours!!  And, …honest to goodness he has breathed new life into my dying machine 🙂  I can’t believe it.

At this moment I am  using my laptop.  We are just home a while ago and I am following orders to defrag the drive as soon as  the computer was set up again, and then to run it through another full clean up process, and then I can sit at the keyboard.

Right now it is defragging away.  Once that is done the clean up process will take up the evening for sure, so I will get this posted via laptop and then leave things alone until tomorrow.  There is a little more work to be done on the computer next week to bring it right up to snuff, but, it’s running.  By the time all is done it will be running better than it has for a long long time!

I hate to tell you what a mess that machine was inside (dirty +++),  and what a failure I’ve been at doing due diligence to defrag the drive .

Lessons learned.

Nor can I begin to say how thankful I am for my good samaritan.   I had headaches just thinking of the ordeal of uploading all my software on a new machine, and trying to sort out both email accounts, and over all that goes with getting a new computer up and running and equipped with all the files and software I need to function.  Most of you know exactly what I mean.  It’s no joy.  Right?  And of course it’s a given that the idea of purchasing a new computer right now was not something I relished or had planned.

All such a huge relief!  Thankful doesn’t begin to describe my sentiments right now.

God is good!

Enough for now,


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  1. heartbroken alumnus says:

    congrats on the revival of your computer. Please do keep up your good work for the greater glory of God.

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