Postponed again?

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There are two courtdates tomorrow (Monday, 23 February 2015),  As always, keep all complainants in your prayers,  And, yes, if you have any news of the outcome please pass it along.  Here are the court-dates:

(1)  Father Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

23 February 2015:  08:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Ottawa Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

(2)  Father Ronald Leger csv (Viatorian priest in Archdiocese fo Winnipeg, Manitoba)

23 February 2015:  1 pm, courtroom #301, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (408 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba )


I have heard nothing regarding the sentencing of Deacon William Kokesch (Montreal) which was supposed t transpire last Thursday.  It must have been  postponed again.

I may have opportunity to try to find out what is happening now, but it may have to hold until Tuesday.  Tomorrow I will pack up my ailing computer and take it for a wee visit to someone who can tell me what the trouble is, and perhaps, just perhaps, get it up and running again.  So, cross fingers on that 🙂

The last couple of days were essentially committed to trying ot get the computer to co-operate while I squeezed out some much needed information and backups and so on.  I got a lot, but not by any means all that I was after.  Anyway, away I go tomorrow with fingers crossed hoping for the best.

For info to all who may be looking at purchase of new PC and don’t relish the thought of switching to Windows 8.  Due to present circumstances I have been looking into new computers.  My heart sank to my toes when I realized that everything I was looking at comes pre-loaded with Windows 8 – and then came relief beyond measure when  a friend told me that it is in fact possible to get some computers with Windows 7 installed.  I looked in one computer shop today and was told that I will not be able to find any such beast in a  story anywhere.  True or false I have no idea, but I have found a number which are available  online .  So, at least now I know that if that is the route I must go (ie new machine)   I will get by on this laptop for the the week it takes to have a new machine – with WIndows7 installed –  delivered  🙂

Happiness is!

Enough for now,


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