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As noted elsewhere, a trial date has been set for Father Jacques Faucher

08-26 February 2016

Another year of waiting for the complainants.  A long wait, but, – finally a trial date.  Good news!

Keep the complainants in your prayers.


The next courtdate for former Cornwall Catholic high school teacher Cornwall  Marcel Lalonde is a pre-trial hearing on 13 April 2015.  This hearing is NOT open to the public.  There will be another courtdate set after the hearing.  After the hearing I will check on the next courtdate and post.

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers.


I have been working on the Cornwall Inquiry site over the past few days.  The whole thing is so darn convoluted that it is difficult to post one document without adding links which lead to another document which hasn’t been re-posted yet.  Anyway, I have been picking away and adding as much as possible so that links can be added.  I didn’t make note of the information I was adding until now – really wanted to get some surrounding documents up so that people can make a little sense of the magnitude of the scandal.

Unfortunately I’ve discovered as I go that the software I bought isn’t the greatest at all.  As the site repopulates the software is starting to protest.  Menu items kept disappearing – had to remove some drop-down menus to maintain the main horizontal menu, and without doubt will have to do again.  And problems with layout.   Not sure what I’m going to do – still oodles of pages of material to post 🙁  I really do just want to get the material posted and back in the public domain –  right now getting less and less concerned about looks, but the materiel has be reasonably accessible.

So, layout is all over the map right now.  On some pages which will eventually contain a lot of information  I have decided to simply add links and bits and pieces of info which belong to that page and at a later date will get the layout sorted out.

Anyway. bit by bit it’s getting back into the public domain.  Here are links to some of the articles which have been added (to be very honest I get started and lose track of what all has been added):

The St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild of Ottawa

Red Flag Committee information added to Justice Normand Glaude page plus the next eight files listed below

First Red Flags

Points to Ponder

Dunlop Statement

MPP Brownell stay out of it handout

A few facts (Office of the Attorney General Conflicts)

The Advocates Society

AG Crown conflict handout

Why is Justice Glaude’s affiliation with an Ontario police/OPP agency a Red Flag?

15 May 2005:  James Bateman letter to Ontario AG Michael Brant re Glaude appointment as Commissioner

30 September 2005:  Red Flag Committee asks Justice Normand Glaude to recuse himself

Father Frank Morrissey omi page added

St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild in Ottawa.

20 January 2001:  The Right to Know is the Bedrock of Democracy (the post which triggered Justice Colin McKinnon to cite Dick with contempt of court)

2007:  Besmirching the Dead: Father Doyle attempts to salvage his own ‘honour’ by besmirching that of Dick Nadeau

Please, as I have asked before, open the files, and click the links, and click your way around so that google can start to find that information.

Enough for now,


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