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I was unable to access the site for a while this afternoon – had to wait for my webhost to sort out and fix the problem.  All is well again, but miss that extra time 🙁

Very quickly, a few new courtdates:

(1) Father Stephen Amesse  (Archdiocese of Ottawa)

23 February 2015:  08:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Ottawa Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

(2) Father Jacques Faucher  (Archdiocese of Ottawa)

10 September 2015:  10 am, for motion, Ottawa Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

(3)  Eric Dejaeger omi (Oblate ex-priest -Edmonton charges)

06 March 2015:  09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB)

I will get the next courtdate for Marcel Lalonde   tomorrow.  The information hadn’t been entered into the system yet when I called.


I added an article and several documents to the Paul Leroux before problems with site arose.  My intent was to make comment, – hope to do so later.  Here are the links:

16 September 2013 (Beauval, Sask, abuse) :  Dismissal of application for stay of all 17 charges

16 September 2013 (Beauval, Sask, abuse) :   Denial of application for similar fact evidence (Grollier Hall)

12 December 2013 (Beauval, Sask, abuse) :  Sentencing Decision 

09 February 2015:  A ‘crushing’ 10-month sentence

Enough for now.


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