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Finally, the sentencing date for Deacon William Kokesch, a deacon with the Archdiocese of Montreal Quebec who entered a guilty plea 21 February 2014 to child porn charges:

19 February 2015:   09:30 am, for sentencing, Montreal Quebec courthouse (1, rue Notre-Dame Est);

Yes, that’s right.  The guilty plea was virtually a full year before sentencing.  (The charges were laid December 2012.)

And, for those who are interested in such things, the last sentencing date was cancelled because the judge was unable to hear it on the set date.


Any news yet from Moncton, New Brunswick on the Father Yvon Arsenault courtdate?


Well, lots of news added to Sylvia’s Site  today on the case serial molester Paul Leroux.

Leroux, sentenced in December of 2013 to three years for the sex abuse of boys at the Beauval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan, is out and about.

Yes, after serving a mere 1/3 of his sentence, Leroux is out of jail.  In fact, he was out on day parole in September 2014- less than 10 months into his three year sentence!!!

Leroux, twice convicted previously on charges of sex abuse of residents of residential schools, was charged in 1997 for possession of child pornography in what was described as “one of the largest seizures of (child pornography) ever made” in Vancouver, BC.  What became of those charges is unknown.

So, he’s out.

But, there’s more…

Leroux, who represented himself at trial on the recent charges, is appealing his conviction.  And the Crown is appealing Leroux’s sentence.  And both appeals will be heard 18 February.in Regina!  And Leroux will be representing himself!

Mark your calendars, all you people in and around Regina Saskatchewan.  Please do try to get there .  Here are the details:

18 February 2015:   10 am, courtroom #7,  Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Regina, Saskatchewan Regina at 10, courtroom #7,  (2425 Victoria Avenue, Regina)

As I said, Leroux will be self-represented.  That means he will be arguing his case as to why he thinks he shoud not have been convicted in the first place, and he will also have to speak to the Crown’s appeal of the three year sentence.

Lerouc requested a court-appointed lawyer to argue his case.  That application was denied.

I have posted two legal documents, the first is Leroux’s conviction, and the second is the dismissal of his application for counsel:

03 November 2013:   Paul Leroux:  Judgment 2013 (convicted)

May 2014:   Saskatchewan Court of Appeal dismisses Leroux’ application for court appointed counsel at appeal

The latter gives explanation as to reasons for both Leroux and the Crown filing an appeal, along with the judge’s decision regarding the application for court-appointed counsel.

Note that Leroux’s retained the services Saskatchewan lawyer Marcel Simonot to get him out of jail

Anyway, read it all through.  If you can get to Regina on the 18th of February to sit in on this appeal, please do.  Leroux’s arguments should be interesting.  Indeed, I am sure it will be both an interesting and disturbing day.

Please keep Leroux’s many victims in your prayers.  The poor souls are are being re-victimized by their molester yet again.

Enough for now,


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  1. Sylvia says:

    I found news on the Father Arsenault court-date. Check here

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