A paedophile ring?

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Since health woes hit our home last Fall I have been remiss in trying to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening internationally.  As soon as I was able to peck away at the keyboard again I was happy just to try to keep abreast happenings in Canada.  Right now the keyboard is a non-issue, but my hands are full dealing with issues happenings here in Canada.

However, ….I did compile a series of articles here to let you see what’s happening in Spain:

30 January 2015:  “Spurred by pope, Spanish Catholic Church confronts sexual abuse” & articles re the ten priests charged

Read them all through.  If, as is reported, the Holy Father urged an investigation last August, very good.  I think I saw somewhere that he also directed the young man to go to police.  That piece of information is not repeated in most articles so I’m not really sure if that is fact or fiction.  But, the thing is, a raft of priests and one or two laymen have been charged.  And Pope Francis apparently contacted the Archbishop in Spain and urged an investigation be conducted.  All good.

The complainant is only 24 or 25-years old. I commend him.  He is young to have found the courage to deal with this.  Keep him in your prayers.

There is mention made of the fact that the young man is a member of Opus Dei.  We shall have to wait and see if that becomes relevant.  The names of the priests charged have not been released.

I have no idea what the legal system is like in Spain, particularity when, as it seems to me, it comes to what amounts to allegations of a paedophile ring.  I don’t know what the problem is but as soon as there is so much as a whisper of a ring anywhere everyone goes into a tizzy and a frenzy of denial. We saw that play time and time again in Cornwall.  It has happened elsewhere.  Will it happen in Spain?

We shall see…

At the end of the day I hope this young man gets the support he so desperately needs in the trying months ahead.

Let’s pray that justice is done, and that if indeed there is a paedophile ring functioning it is identified as such and all members are brought before the courts.  (I suppose first we must pray that there will actually be an investigation to determine specifically if there is or is not a paedophile ring -and that authorities won’t be dancing on the head of a legal pin with claims that, well, the boys were post-pubescent, or some were post-pubescent, da, da da, da.

Anyway, ten priests charged.  They are out and about, but, at least they have been charged!

Enough for now,


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