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The judge’s sentencing of Father Omer Desjardins omi has been added:

22 January 2015:  Father Omer Desjardins – Judgment ( Sentencing)

I have redacted portions  in accordance with the publication ban.


Another name to add to the list.

I have a copy of the 1994 Statement of Claim field related to sex abuse allegations against Father Jean-Paul Sylvestre.

Sylvestre, a priest with the Diocese of Grourad-MacLennan in Alberta, appears to have spent a good number of his years in ministry as a military chaplain with the Military Vicariate.  The allegations relate to his years as chaplain at the Uplands Air Force Base in Ottawa, Ontario.

I will open a page and post the document and what information I have on Father Sylvestre.


When I was checking the Accused list I discovered that the name of Father Omer Desjardins has disappeared.  I know I had added it to the list, however believe that the Accused A-L page is now on overload.  I will have to break the page down into two pages.    I think best I do likewise with

I fear that other names may have disappeared as well.  Please check.  If a name that you know was once on the list is no longer there please let me know.


Still no word on the Deacon Michael Kokesch sentencing which was scheduled for Friday past in Montreal.  I am still waiting for a call.  Frustrating.

And, on that note,  back to work…

Enough for now,


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