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Oblate molester Father Omer Desjardins is now behind bars in Saskatchewan:

22 January 2015:  Omer Desjardins, 82-year-old Catholic priest, jailed for sexual assault

As I said elsewhere, I am relieved that he received jail time.  He will probably be out in a half-way house in a month, but at least he’s in jail for a spell.

Well done to the victim who went to police.  Thanks to you we know that Father Desjarins is a molester:  a wold in sheep’s clothing.


I have added the ordination picture of Father Danny Mills. He was ordained 27 May 1965 so the picture would have been taken in around that date.

More on Father Danny Mills in due course.


Father Yvon Arsenault has a courtdate set for 03 Febraury 2015 to enter a plea.  He now faces 17 charges from 6 complainants.

Father Arsenault already had a courtdate set for 03 February in Court of Queen’s bench, Moncton, New Brunswick on his initial set of charges.  I think probably the new charges have now been joined with the old, or the merge in in process.

I haven’t see any media coverage from today yet.  Please pass along links.

And please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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