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An update on my most recent blog.

The Eric Dejeager sentencing hearing is finished.  It wrapped up within about 45 minutes this morning.

22 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: ‘I promise not to re-offend’

According to the above brief article, Dejaeger said he’s sorry for what he did and “”I am sorry to the families and to my own family,” and he promised not to re-offend again.

The judge has reserved his decision.  He hopes to reach a decision within about two weeks.  That means court is finished for the day.  The lawyers will now wait for word that the judge is ready to impart sentence.

Dejaeger will not be in court for sentencing.  There is no explanation as to why he will not be there.  Could it be that he will no longer be in Nunavut?  Could it be that he will be  down in Edmonton Alberta answering to his charges there?

I think that’s probably it?  But, we shall see…

Please keep all the victims and their families in your prayers as they await sentencing.   And please remember in a  special way the complainants in Edmonton.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Another article with explanation for fact that Dejaeger will not be in court for sentencing. I am just posting it now. According to Jim Bell Justice Kilpatrick plans to issue his decision electronically rather than read it in court. He expects to take about two weeks “but it might take long.”

    A courtdate of 03 March has been set for Dejaeger’s return. It is anticipated that by 03 March the sentence will have been pronounced.

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