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I will repeat the courtdates for tomorrow as a reminder:

(1) Eric Dejaeger omi

Oblate, ex-priest and convicted molester Eric Dejaeger has a court-date in Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow morning:

23 January 2015:  09:30 am, to be spoken to, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse

My fear is that these charges will be lumped in with the Nunavut charges.  We saw that happen with Father Hod Marshall.  A sweet deal was made that he would plead guilty and there would be no further charges against him prosecuted in Ontario,

Well, more charge came, but they came  from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  And, well, – guess what happened there?  the Saskatoon charges were transferred to Ontario, and then they were lumped in with the multiple Windsor charges, and then Hod was sentenced to two years in jail.

Anyway, as it stands the courtdate in Edmonton is on tomorrow.  It wil be nothing of significance, just the setting of another date.

Keep all the victims and complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Father Albert Laisnez (Archdiocese of Edmonton)

Father Lainez, charged May 2014,  has a courtdate tomorrow in Edmonton, Alberta.

23 January 2015: “for arraignment” in  (Edmonton? ) Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

I encourage those who can do so to attend.  Please keep the complainant in your prayers. And, yes, please pass on news of the outcome.

(3)  Deacon William Kokesch (Archdiocese of Montreal)

Deacon Kokesch, former CBC , Montreal Gazette CCCB (Bishops) employee and molester who was heavily in involved in World Youth Days, will be sentenced tomorrow after his guilty plea to child porn offences:

23 January 2015  2:30 pm, for sentencing, Montreal Quebec courthouse (1, rue Notre-Dame Est

Please attend if you can, and please pass on news of the outcome.


Read through the last few posts of today.  There has been a lot going on.

Enough for now,


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