Blame it on alcohol?

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Today was a sentencing hearing only for clerical Oblate molester Father Omer Desjardins.  Judge Byron Wright reserved his decision re sentencing.  The Crown has asked for an 18 month sentence.  Defence lawyer George Green has asked for a conditional sentence. meaning no time behind bars for the crime committed.

30 December 2014:  Sexual assault by priest haunts victim

I commend the victim for her courage in going to police.

Read to the bottom of the article for her victim impact statement, and further down for the priest’s apology.

According to Green his client was battling alcoholism and was drinking that night in 1978 when he sexually molested the ten-year-old girl.

Ten years old!

I have trouble when child molesters blame their crimes on alcohol.  I truly do.

I pray that justice is done.  I firmly believe that no matter his age Father Desjardins should pay for his crime here on this earth.

Please keep the victim and her family in your prayers.


We arrived home safely.  I can not believe that we barely saw a drop of snow on our trip.  True there were a few flurries around London Ontario, but even they barely constituted what could be called a flurry.  The roads were clear and we sailed along 🙂

The car is unpacked.  Suitcases are unpacked.

As difficult as it was to leave it’s good to be home 🙂

Enough for now,



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5 Responses to Blame it on alcohol?

  1. BC says:

    So this great great great Oblate humanitarian, Father Omer Desjardins, wrote 73 words concerning his victim. He then wrote 87 words regarding his loved ones and religious order. Then this dry drunk pervert wrote himself 104 words to celebrate his own grandeur and to promise to fix it by… doing what he’d been up to for the past 30 years… which is to conviently forget that he’s a pervert.

    It’s not unfortunate when our public health-care system looses a degenerate pervert like Father Omer Desjardins. That’s the way it should have been, 30 years ago.

    • Joe says:

      His excuse is just that, an excuse…….. He abused me 100’s of times ….. sometimes drunk …… most often not.
      Omer said in his apology in the star pheonix article that he has taken responsibility for his actions….. if that were true he wouldn’t have lied about being sober since 81….. Omer says whatever will benefit Omer. He can’t be believed until he tells police who his victims are.

  2. SONNY KING says:


    On a more quiet note just want to wish you and yours on my Mother’s behalf a great new year 2015. I only wish Mom could have chatted with you a bit. Things moved way too quickly. But I assured her that I would “finish family business” as per Micheal Corleone in The Godfather.

    Perhaps we could connect sometime soon and discuss things.

    Expansive…encyclopedic..and finally internationalizing things.

  3. SONNY KING says:

    Fair Warning to the CCCB+

    Sonny King Toronto Ontario Canada January 3rd 2015+++++++++.
    Additional Kudos to Sylvia on Her Amazing Site++++

    Who knew it would become the template for the eradication of the pestilence.

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