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I posted some new information on Father Gary Hoskins a few days ago.  Father Hoskins is a convicted molester who is currntly back before the courts in Newfoundland.  I really do want to draw these to your attention.  Look what this convicted molester has been up to since 1995:

29 August 2014:  Gary Hoskins still with CMHA:  Regrets for attendance at Central West LHIN Diversity Core Action Group meeting

February 2012:  Gary Hoskins listed as CAMH Community Service Provider

approx 2011:  Gary Hoskins bio of sorts plus  listed as  CAMH Program Consultant,  CAMH Regional Implementation Coordinator, and Therapist with Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

2011:  Gary Hoskins “Program Consultant at Center for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH_ – info on  ZoomInfo Cached Page for RHO – ref. Mississauga Halton LHIN (LHIN stands for Local Health Integration Network

13 March 2009:  Gary Hoskins CAMH listed as contact person on flyer

2008:  – Gary Hoskins co-author of article  in Canadian Teacher’s Federation publication Health & Learning Magazine, “Youth and Gambling:  Should We Be Concerned?” 

2005-2006:  Gary Hoskins listed as addiction therapist with Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

2003-2004:    Gary Hoskins co-author article on Problem Gambling and Child Welfare in OACAS Journal (Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies)

1984:  “Changing roles” –  pages from Decks awash 1984 re Catholicism in Stephenville

 Father Hoskins was recyled into the Archdiocese of Toronto right after he served whatever tine he served of his 3 month sentence.  He was given safe harbour and assigned to parishes by the then Cardinal Archbishop of the Toronto Archdiocese, Emmett Carter.  This despite the fact that  when Hoskins was confronted by the mother of his victim the priest told her he could not control himslef and had a problem around young boys.

As noted on the father Gary Hoskins page, parishioners at St. Anne’s in Brampton found out by accident (relatives visiting from Newfoundland) that their new assistant priest was a molester.  According to a blogger on Sylvia’s Site, the parish priest told parishioners that no-one had asked them about their past when they joined the parish and that basically Father Hoskin’s past was none of their business.

Who I wonder cleared the way for Father Hoskins to land a job with the Centre for Adiction and Mental Health in 1995?  I have many questions, not the least of which is why has this predatory priest not been laicized/defrocked?   (Yes, I refer to him and all these clericla molesters as Father.  It’s an oxymoron isn’t it?  A priest who is a child molester?  I use the title Father as a not so gentle reminder of what hasn’t been done by Church officilas that shold have been and must be done.  )


Father William Allen is dead.


We drove just shy of 800 miles today.  A long run but roads clear and not a drop of rain or flake of snow all the way 🙂  A good run.

Tomorrow another 400 miles and then unpack the sleigh 🙂

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