The verdict

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Father Dan Miller was acquitted today.

I have no hesitation  in saying that as far as I am concerned justice was not done, nor was it seen to be done.

Early this afternoon I posted a quick blog with the bad news.

I am now home – have been getting a blog ready – nearly ready to post.  I know I say that so often and it takes an eternity.  This time I really am nearly ready to post 🙂

Back to court briefly…

In a departure from the norm, the judge in this case mercifully announced his verdict immediately, then carried on reading out his reasons for the decision.

As soon as the verdict was announced the complainant/victim’s his head went down to his knees.  He stayed that way for the duration, face flushed and head resting on arms folded across knees.


A tough day for all in attendance, including other Miller victims and the mother of the brothers who were molested by Miller.

Please keep the complainant/victim in your prayers.  He will need them.

I will grab a bite to eat and wrap up my blog – just want to post this to ensure that those who check Sylvia’S site for the verdict find it.

Enough for now,


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