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There are two courtdates tomorrow, (Wednesday, 03 December 2014)

(1)  Father Dan Miller

03 December 2014:  10 am, VERDICT, Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East, Pembroke, Ontario)

I encourage those who are able to do so to attend.  I pray too that justice will be done.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Brian Lucy

03 December 2014:  preliminary hearing, 10 am, courtroom #3, Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square)

Again, I encourage those who are free to do so to attend.  There will be a publication ban on names, evidence and testimony, but the public is free to attend.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


As noted elsewhere, Father Gary Hoskins did not appear in court in Corner Brook Newfoundland yesterday (01 December 2014)– his lawyer entered a ‘not guilty plea’ on Hoskin’s behalf.

02 December 2014: Former priest Hoskins pleads not guilty to sex charges

And a repeat of the reminder that, sad to say, Gary Hoskins is Father Gary Hoskins is still a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. I checked his status last June, so, unless things have changed in the past months, this convicted child molester is still a priest. I draw this to your attention only because Hoskins is referenced in this article as a “former priest” which conveys the impression that he has been defrocked. As I say, unless things have changed Gary Hoskins is still Father Gary Hoskins, – he is very much a priest, and he is very much a convicted child molester who was quietly recycled into a parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto in the late 80s.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


John MacDonald’s mother died.  Please pray for the repose of her dear soul.  And please keep John and all his bothers and sisters in your prayers.

There are no funeral arrangements yet.  I will pass on details as soon as I have news.


Those articles regarding Marie Heneien are posted.

02 December 2014:  “Sympathy reserved for brave alleged Ghomeshi victims” & related articles

In light of Marie Henein’s Cornwall involvement I decided the I had to post the news that she has been retained to defend a high profile man man who allegedly gets his sexual kicks out of choking, and beating and slapping and smothering women.

One quote to start:

Henein is the lawyer Ghomeshi needs, observers of the criminal justice system say.

Ruthless, smart, hardworking, an exceptional strategist and known for eviscerating cross-examinations, she is a go-to criminal lawyer in high-profile cases — and is high on the list of barristers whom lawyers themselves would call, if they got into trouble.

The lawyer that lawyers would call if they got into trouble.

Indeed.  Someone to get them, as people often say, ‘ off.’

Note that Marie Henein represented Dave Frost when the former hockey coach faced charges of sexual exploitation of his players.  Frost got ‘off.’

Henein represented former Nova Scotia Premier Gerald Regan on sex assault charges.  Regan got ‘off.’

And of course, Henein also represented former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant after Bryant struck and killed a cyclist.  All charges against Bryant were dropped.

Those who have followed Sylvia’s Site for a number of years will recall that Michael Bryant was the Attorney General who commissioned the multi-million-dollar Cornwall Public Inquiry with its flawed mandate.  That was the inquiry which lumbered on and on for four long years.  The one where not one single head rolled.  Where one victim was charged for essentially talking to another victim (exonerated at trial).  The one where the only person to land behind bars was Perry Dunlop, the honest cop who blew the whistle on what turned out to be the $32,000 illegal diocesan pay-off of David Silmser..

Further but before all of that, those who have followed the site will also recall that Marie Henien represented Cornwall lawyer and Church Canon lawyer Jacques Leduc at his second sex abuse trial.  (Leduc also happened to be the lawyer who acted for the Diocese of Alexander-Cornwall in $32,000 pay-off.)

Strange there is no mention in any of the articles I have read about Henein representing Jian Gomeshi that say she represented Leduc, both before and during the inquiry.  Not a boo about Leduc.  Not a word about Henein getting Leduc ‘off.’  But, she did.  After his second sex abuse trial Leduc ‘walked.’

I personally have great difficulty referring to that travesty of justice as a trial, but technically I guess that’s what it was?

Actually that trial was round two on the same set of charges.  Round one resulted in a stay.  Six weeks into trial one, and after that first judge was obliged to recuse himself because of his serious conflicts of interest,  and after more drama and courtroom shenanigans than I could begin to recap,  the charges were stayed. (As an aside, what was known of the judge’s conflicts at the time was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg!)

The stay was appealed.  Leduc was ordered back to trail.  That’s the trial I refer to as the second trial.  That’s the one where Marie Henein worked hand-in-glove with the Crown.  That’s the one where Perry Dunlop was sand-bagged by both Lidia Narozniak (Crown) and Henein.  The one where Perry was not allowed to retain a lawyer.  The one where the defense pushed the wild notion that Perry Dunlop and his brother-in-law Carson Chisholm (God rest his soul) had had prior – and presumably sinister – contact with the mother of one of the Leduc victims.

It wasn’t true.  And, yes, I know that for an absolute fact.  But, the story was spun.

What Leduc did or did not do to those boys was irrelevant.

Leduc walked.

Some, if not many, would say that Henein did her job.

A few years later Jacques Leduc had standing at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  His legal fees were paid.  He wasn’t there to answer for the sex abuse charges.  Touching that dicey topic was a no no at the inquiry.  No,  as I saw it Leduc was there to explain, amongst other safe topics, how he, a lawyer,  didn’t know there was an illegal clause in the $32,000 pay-off , and how he had no part in crafting the illegal deal, and how the pay-off to protect Father Charles MacDonald’s ‘good’ name was all good.

Danielle Robitaille was in the Weave Shed representing Leduc’s best interests.   However, when it came to key witnesses testifying, Marie Henein showed up and took the reins.   Yes, Robitaille was still there, and, yes,  Robitaille assisted, but it was the seasoned Henien who handled the task.

And there the pair are.  Defending Ghomeshi.  Defending a man publicly accused by a multitude of women of various acts of non-consensual rough sex and now facing several charges related to those acts.

I cringe.

Will Ghomeshi be another notch in Henein’s belt?

I don’t know what else to say.

Enough for now,


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