December a busy month in courts

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I have now merged the information on the St. Mary’s International school (SMIS) panel members into one file:  Members of the SMIS panel of “experts”

In the process I added the fact that prior to joining 360 Risk Management Group Ltd. panel member Jack Byrd was Senior Director with Kroll International, Asia Region (Japan office) where, amongst other things, he was involved in the firm’s “Kidnap & Ransom program.”


Further information on Mr. Byrd’s areas of expertise can be found here:   Who we are « 360 Risk Management Group

I will add some internal links to the  Members of the SMIS panel of “experts”.  At present most links are to websites.  That works well as long as the linked webpage is up and running.  When I can I prefer to convert the website page to a pdf file so it becomes a permanent record.  I shall do what I can.


For those who may have missed the comments regarding  Father Peter Groulx‘ recent courtdate (25 November 2014)…

Father Groulx  was a no show.  What is called a discretionary warrant was issued. The discretionary warrant is basically a courtesy – if Groulx fails to show 16 December a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

These are the details for the next courtdate:

16 December 2014: 09:30 am, courtroom # 105, “to be spoken to,” Thunder Bay, Ontario courthouse (125 Brodie Street North. Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Please, as always, keep the complainant in your prayers.


Check the Legal Calendar and mark your calendars for the month of December.  It’s a busy month for courtdates!

Here is a list of courtdates for next week, the first week of December.

(1)  Father Gary Hoskins

Monday 01 December 2014: 10 am, Corner Brook courthouse, Nfld,  “first plea”;

(2)  Father Daniel Miller

 Pembroke Diocese’s convicted child molester Father Dan Miller will be back in court for the verdict in his second sex abuse trial:

Wednesday 03 December 2014:  10 am, verdict, Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East);

(3)  Brian Lucy

Wednesday 03 December 2014:  preliminary hearing, 10 am, courtroom #3, Brockville, Ontario courthouse

(There will be a publication ban on names and evidence which means that there will  be no report in the media on the nature of the allegations, however, the public is free to attend. You can not post a comment relating to the testimony or evidence, but you can attend and hear with your own ears and see with your own eyes .

(On 25 June 2014 Lucy, a Church organist, was committed to stand trial on sex abuse charges.  My understanding is that this December preliminary hearing is related to the child porn charges, and possibly also the breach of bail charge.)

(4)  Father Robyn Gwyn

Thursday 04 December 2014: 09:00 am, courtroom #3, “to be spoken to,” Kingston Ontario courthouse (279 Wellington St.)

(5) Father Robert Couture

Friday 05 December 2014:  10 am, assignment court to set date for trial,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue);

If you live in the general area of any of the above and are able to attend please do so.

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers.


I am going to put together some information on Ontario lawyers Marie Heinen and  who Danielle Robitaille are now representing disgraced former (fired) CBC host and ‘rough sex’ advocate Jian Ghomeshi.

Marie Heinen got Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc off in 2004. Several years later both Henein and Robitaille represented Cornwall lawyer and canon lawyer Jacques Leduc at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

I have wanted to comment on this for some time.  I see no mention anywhere of Heinen’s Cornwall connections.

Now that my arm is well on the mend I can start catching up 🙂

Enough for now,



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