Are children and victims first and foremost?

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I’ve been searching for information on Harold J. Bursztajn, M.D.

Dr. Bursztajn, you may recall from the Saburo Kagei letter of 18 November 2014 , has been chosen as a member of the recently announced St. Mary’s International School panel formed in response to “allegations of sexual misconduct” at the school.

I think I have enough information together now – could go on and on forever looking and searching but the time comes to call  a halt and move on to other things.  I will put the info and links together and post shortly.

Given that we have no idea what the terms of reference of the panel are and by whom the panel members were selected it is a bit of a chore to sift through information to try to sort out what role each might play in the “inquiry” and to determine if indeed the well-being of children and victims, or that of the school and Brothers of Christian and Instruction (their client/employers I believe? ) is first and foremost on their minds

Anyway, I have a few other things to take care of now – will post what I have shortly – hopefully by day’s end.

Enough for now,


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