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Father Jacques Faucher‘s preliminary hearing is today (29 October 2014) at the Ottawa Ontario courthouse.  There will be a publication ban on evidence so we probably won’t see any media coverage.

I would dearly love to have gone but the trip just wasn’t possible.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


A few courtdate updates:

1.  Father Robert Couture

Father Robert Couture has two upcoming court dates in Windsor, Ontario:

02 December 2014: pre-trial hearing – this is NOT open to the public – it will be lawyers sorting out issues regarding evidence and the trial

05 December 2014: 10 am, assignment court – to set a date for trial

By the time this goes to trial it will be close to two full years since Father Clouture was charged (May 2013).  That seems to be the norm in Ontario!

2.   Father Omer Desjardins omi

30 December 2014 ; 2 pm, courtroom #1, for sentencing, Saskatoon Provincial Court (220 19th Street East, Saskatoon, Sask.

It would seem  that Father Desjardin’s last court date in Blaine Lake was a sentencing hearing and not sentencing.

If anyone has any info about that hearing would you please post a comment or link? I have been unable to find any media coverage online.

Also note that I added an article ” Chaplain charged in sex-abuse case: Arrest provides explanation for retirement.” It is posted as text – gives us a little more information where there seems to be such a dearth.

As always, please keep the victim and her family in your prayers,

3.  Deacon William Kokesch

Deacon Kokesch’s sentencing date of 16 October was postponed. I have no idea why and have no further information. A new date has not yet been set. I am to try calling  again next week – so will do so and hopefully get a new sentencing date.

Tomorrow I will check to find out what’s happening with the Father John Sullivan and Brian Lucy charges.


I am still sorely hampered with this injured right arm.  I had great expectations for return to “normal” after the cast was removed.   Not so.  I have limited range of motion in wrist – still can’t type or control the mouse with right hand. I am diligently doing exercises, and progress is being made, – but not at the keyboard where I want and so sorely need the use of that right hand 🙁  One of these days all will be well again. but right now it’s still a struggle.  Bear with.

Enough for now,


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