Does anyone know…?

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The name of Father Peter Groulx has been added to the list of accused.  Father Groulx, a priest with the Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario was charged 20 October 2014.  The charges date to 2003 – 2005 and are alleged to have transpired in Terrace Bay, Ontario.

I have a few links to add to the page (having difficulty uploading several documents right now).  I will finish that up later.  For now I want you to know that this priest has been charged.

Note that Father Groulx has been assisting at parishes down in Florida for several years, at least during the cold Canadian winter months.  The last inkling that I can find of him being active as a priest in the Thunder Bay Diocese is 2009.

Does anyone know if he has been assisting at parishes in the Thunder Bay area?  at any time of year?

Does anyone know specifically when and why he “retired”?

Any and all further information welcome.

Please note the following in the OPP press release:

Anyone with information about these or similar incidents involving the accused is asked to contact the Ontario Provincial Police at 807-887-2637 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Father Groulx has a courtdate 25 November 2014

I commend the complainant  for going to police.  Please keep him/her in your prayers.


A terrible day of horror and terror in the Nation’s Capital on Wednesday.   What can I say? The whole week has been surreal.

“God keep our land

“Glorious and free…..”



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  1. rg says:

    I would like to know if any other victims from Mgr Benoit Fortier came forward since my first time on your site

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