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I have added three pictures taken yesterday (14 October ’14) outside the Pembroke Ontario courthouse after day one of Father Dan Miller‘s sex abuse trial.  I thought he had gained a few pounds since he was previously convicted?   No matter, the one for sure is that there was no indication – at least to me –  that he lost weight while serving 6 months of a nine month sentence.

The trial continues Friday, 17 October 2014 at 10 am in the Pembroke courthouse.  For a number of reasons I’m not going to blog anything regarding testimony on day one of the trial – the fact that I was unable to take notes or record is high on that list 🙂  However, as is inevitably the case there is also a publication ban on the identity of the complainant – recounting much of that testimony would create problems in abiding by the ban so best I leave it alone.  I can and will however tell you that the complainant testified that Father Miller masturbated him to ejaculation on two occasions.  The complainant was a boy of 12 or 13 at the time.

Please keep the complainant in  your prayers.  And please, if you are free to so, get to the courthouse on Friday morning.  I will never understand why so few Roman Catholics attend these trials in person. It is so important, both to offer support for the complainant and to understand the nature of the charges and how they are dealt with in court.


There are two courtdates tomorrow (16 October 2014)

(1) Father Bernard Buckle

Father Bernard Buckle has a courtdate tomorrow in Stephenville,  Newfoundland.  His trial date has been set for 18 February 2015 so this probably tied into what documents can be entered into evidence and which witnesses will be called.  It MAY I suppose be occasion to enter a guilty plea – one just never knows.  I have missed guilty pleas because I thought nothing of significance was going to happen in court on a particular day.  However, this probably routine legal haggling/preparation for trial?

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  If anyone does attend please let us know if anything of significance transpires.

(2) Deacon William Kokesch

16 October 2014:  Sentencing, Montreal courthouse

Tomorrow is the sentencing for Deacon Kokesch.   Kokesch pleaded guilty to child porn charges last February.  There is a good chance that this will be a sentecing hearing in which case sentencing may be set for a later date.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.


Another name added to the Accused list….

The name of   Father Robin Gwyn, a priest with the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, has been charged.  I have added a page with as much info as I can find at this time.

I missed the news on these charges because of my medical woes over the past 6 weeks. It looks as though news of the charges hasn’t reached Ontario.  I can find no coverage at all.

I am trying to some more info – awaiting call backs or emails – trying to sort out what exactly Farther Robyn Gwyn was doing in Berwick, Nova Scotia?

And, yes, I certainly am curious as to why he retired back in 2004 and as of 03 May of that year is on ” is on indefinite leave from active ministry.” He’s 66 now so would have been all of 56 at the time.   Did something of significance happen in 2004?

Any information regarding Father Gwyn is most welcome.

I commend the complainant for coming forward.  Please keep him in your prayers.


Cast is due for removal tomorrow 🙂

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Another name on the list

  1. Sylvia says:

    I just posted an excellent recap by Debbi Christinck in today’s Eganville Leader of day one of the Father Dan Miller trial

    15 October 2014: Alleged victim grilled after he testifies against Father Dan Miller

    • BC says:

      When Bergoglio (who’s alias is Pope Francis) was saying last July that there is no place in the Church’s ministry for perverts like Father Dan Miller of the Diocese of Pembroke, he was lying. It’s not like we’re into wrongfull conviction territory here: Father Miller plead guilty to five charges. How many more perverts are functionning as clerics in the Diocese of Pembroke? Bergoglio was so quick to def _ ck Joe Wesolowski; the former Nuncio to the Dominican Republic. And that bastard is a lawyer and there hasn`t been a formal conviction yet in that matter. Indeed: how many perverts are employed by the Diocese of Pembroke – why are they allowed to function as clerics and why is the Pope lying about zero tolerance for perverts withing the orders?

      • Lina says:

        BC….The Pembroke Diocese is no different I suppose than other dioceses when it comes the amount of clergy that are perverts. As we have seen in recent history in this Diocese the trails of pain and suffering from the stream of victims of clergy abuse. I cringed at the thought of so many other victims had their voices muted forever and we will never know about.

        How many priests know and where are these evil predators lurking about are and why are they so consume to keep that silent hypocrisy going?
        The cost of their jobs, that’s all they know is to be a priest. The fear their life will be filled with misery and the dealing with losing the support of their religious communities, to mention a few.

        The pressure of these priests that know so much about many perverts and predators follow what their bosses (Monsignors, Bishops etc..) want them to do to…it’s a must to keep those secrets hidden. Their SILENT is real than they care to acknowledge. These priests need to look good on the outside in public but on the inside there is something else going on that is NOT good. They are NOT willing to take that mask of deceit off. Many have their own skeletons in their closets to worry about.

        The victims of clergy abuse have TRUTH going for them while the Catholic clergy demonstrated time and time again they are NOT to be trusted.

        Sexual permissiveness in the priesthood and covering up crimes against abuse victims is as old as the Catholic Church’s itself. It was wrong way back then as well as it is still so wrong now.

        I believe the Pembroke Diocese’s clergy, want to keep the WHOLE truth from being spoken. I wonder if they repeat often to themselves…..this too shall pass?

        The Diocese is quick to help and forgive their priests while the victims are still fighting tooth and nail for justice in the Pembroke Diocese.

        My hope is that the priestly voices of dissent will grow louder like so many of us folks and clearer with EACH scandal revealed.


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