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Some court updates and heads up:

1.  Father Dan Miller

Previously convicted molester Father Dan Miller’s second sex abuse trial starts this Tuesday.  The trial is booked for two days:

14 & 15 October 2014:  10 am,  TRIAL Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East)

I encourage those who are within driving distance and free to so to attend.  Please keep the complainant in your prayers this thanksgiving weekend.

2.  Father Gary Hoskins

Father Gary Hoskins next court date is:

01 December 2014: 10 am, Corner Brook courthouse, Nfld, “first plea”

As I said elsewhere, most people will have anticipated that because Father Hoskins was committed to stand trial the next court date would be his trial date. That alas is rarely the case. There will probably another few courtdates before the actual trial date is set.

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers

3.  Father Abraham Azhakathu mst

A trial date has been booked for Father Abraham Azhakathu mst:

05 March 2015: TRIAL booked for two days, Court of Queen’s Bench (Superior court), Peace River, Saskatchewan

The charges were laid March of this year. This is amazingly fast – as far as I’m concerned this is the way all cases should proceed.

4.  Father Omer Desjardins omi

This was a huge surprise. I called to get the next court date for Father Omer Desjardins. His next court date is for sentencing! He must have quietly entered a guilty plea:

23 October 2014 ; 10 am, for sentencing, Blaine Lake circuit court, 107 Main Street, Community Hall, Blaine Lake, Sask

  I had hoped to get some more information about this, specifically  to confirm a guilty plea.  I did query twice that the next court date is for sentencing and was told each time that, yes, is for sentencing.  There can’t be sentencing without either a guilty verdict or guilt plea, and to my knowledge there has been no trial, so he must have plead guilty.

My goodness but these cases seem to move so much faster in Saskatchewan.  I wonder why?  Any ideas anyone?  It goes to show it CAN be done a whole lot faster, doesn’t it?

Note that court will be in the community hall in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan.

Please keep the victim in your prayers.

5.  Father Robert Couture

Sorry, I was unable to get through to anyone to get the next courtdate for Father Couture.  i will try again next week.  I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday so will try on Thursday.


Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Enough for now,


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