An apology?

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I have been told that Father Rene Labelle did in fact leave a suicide note.  I am unfortunately unable to confirm that, but, because of the manner in which I was contacted and told  I will tell you that I am strongly inclined to believe that is fact.  I have been told that in the note Father Labelle apologized to these affected by his lies.

I asked the contact if there is any hope that word of the note could get out publicly because it would mean so much to so many people.  The answer I received was:  “I know it would. I don’t think it would ever come out publicly. That’s why I’m telling this site. ”

That is all I know.  (When I was first contacted I was asked if I would agree not to ask my source how he/she knows certain details he/she would like to give me.  I agreed.)

As I say, I am inclined to believe the contact.  I do hope and pray that at some time the contents of the note which directly affect the victim who came forward, that victim’s family and friends, other victims, and all of those who believed his denials will be released either to the public or to Sylvia’s Site.  It is so very important for all of them.

Please pray for all of those impacted by Father Labelle’s death.  I include in my own prayers those for his family, and, for the repose of his soul,  and that God’s will be done.

Enough for now,


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16 Responses to An apology?

  1. Susan says:

    Do you EVER think about Father LaBelle’s family or friends? Or is it ALL about your site?

  2. Sylvia says:

    If you look above Susan you will see that I am praying for Father Labellle’s family. Yes, I think about his family often. I am sure they are going through very difficult times. I pray for them. I think about and pray for his friends and former parishioners too, particularly those who believed his denials and hence viewed the victim with scorn and contempt and branded hm a liar.

    In truth my thoughts and prayers at a time like this are primarily with his victims. They had no control over the abuse they suffered at the hands of a man they thought was decent and upright Roman Catholic priest. They trusted him. He has irrevocably changed their lives and damaged their faith. The same holds true for their parents and friends. Perhaps you don’t understand the impact his sudden death has on the many souls he has impacted in a very negative way. A confession and a sincere apology would have meant more than you could ever imagine.

  3. Bob says:

    Imagine Rene Labelle and Hod Marshall dying in the same week. Busy and interesting time at the pearly gates!

  4. Mike says:

    Susan: This is not the site to play advocate for his family, this is a place for his victims. Send them a nice floral arrangement if your so inclined and take your opinions/thoughts elsewhere.

    You have the choice to not google this site and leave us alone-you know what this site is about.

    Sylvia has done an excellent job giving his victims information that will allow closure and this is an imperative for us.

    Is there anyway I will be able to read his note?

    • Sylvia says:

      I haven’t read the note either Mike. My hope and prayer is that someone will recognize the import of this and decide to release it, or at least a redacted version, or even an extrapolation of whatever portion is relevant to his victims.

  5. northernfancy says:

    Mike: If there is anything we can do to support your request to read the Labelle’s final note, please let me know. I would be pleased to know.

  6. JD says:

    Thank you for the update, Sylvia. When I heard of his death, I wondered if it was suicide. Labelle was a priest at my high school and I wonder how many people there could have been his victims and if they will ever be able to open up about their abuse to someone.

    I am curious, when you say that you “have been told that in the note Father Labelle apologized to these affected by his lies,” do you mean that you were told that he admitted to the abuse in his letter? Or did he just say a vague, ‘I’m sorry people were hurt by my actions’ without specifying which particular actions he was referring to (or alluding to the inappropriateness of inviting him to Wolfe Island and doing so without the consent of his parents but not actually confessing to the sexual abuse). I ask this because I know that victims can often question the reliability and validity of their own memories of the abuse, and think that maybe they are remembering things wrong, especially in a case when the abuser is someone the victim admired. I really do hope that if the suicide note did contain an explicit admission of guilt or anything else that might be of comfort to his victim(s), that the contents of this letter are revealed to them. May his victims find some peace.

    • Sylvia says:

      I was told JD that he left a note and that he apologized to “those affected by his lies.” I truly wish I could be more explicit but that unfortunately is all I know. Let’s hope that as time passes a decision will be made to release the note in its entirety, or whatever portion of the note pertains to the victim who came forward, and which in consequence has an impact on the other victims.

      • MJD says:

        Thank you for your response, Sylvia. And thank you for this informative site and discussion space. Like you, I really hope that someone who saw the letter reveals its contents so that Mike and other victims might have access to it.

  7. a friend of Sylvia and Mike says:

    Sylvia’s husband Mike, who is very supportive of the hundreds of hours a month she must spend on this site, is undergoing a serious medical procedure on Monday.

    Please think of Sylvia and Mike and perhaps offer a prayer or two for them.

  8. John Sylvestri says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with Mike and Sylvia.

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