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Update on court

(1) Father Linus Bastien

Father Linus Bastien’s next court date is:

17 November 2014: 10 am, “a motion,” Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

I have no idea what the motion is all about, but it is open to the public so hope you mark your calendars well in advance and plan to attend.

Barring a miracle it looks as though this is going to drag along into 2015.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers

(2)  Father Robert Couture

Father Couture’s next courtdate is:

05 September 2014: 09:30 am, courtroom #3, “to be spoken to,” Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

So, no trial date as yet.

I know these “to be spoken to” court dates are frustrating and so often seem like such a waste of time for only a couple of moments in court, but. for those who have the time to go to observe and listen sometimes you can pick up a bit of an idea of what is going on in the background. Not always. But, sometimes it is well worth the trip.  There can be surprises.


Two articles and the transcript are posted from yesterday’s Australian Royal Commission  hearing

18 August 2014:  Child sex abuse royal commission: Child abuse claims in Victoria cost Catholic Church $34m, inquiry hears

18 August 2014:  Child sex abuse royal commission: Child abuse claims in Victoria cost Catholic Church $34m, inquiry hears

18 August 2014:  Australian Commission Transcript (Case 16) re Melbourne Response Day One 18 August 2014

I caught parts but unfortunately not all of the hearing,  The timing is bad for me, but I did watch about three hours.

The hearings resumed at Tuesday morning at 10 am, – which is 8 pm EST this evening (Monday 18th) evening for me here in Ontario, Canada.  Click here to access the website It is now running.

A reminder that Cardinal George Pell is scheduled to testify at 10 am by video link  on Wednesday 20 August 2014.  That’s 10 am again, so, sort out the time change and when you need to access the commission website.  I know it’s 8 pm Tuesday evening for those of us on Eastern Standard Time.

The segment of the hearings running right now is tied into the Melbourne Response, which essentially is the Melbourne Diocese’s compensation process for sex abuse victims.  It’s a little like the Justice Michel Bastarache Conciliation deals in New Brunswick , and the settlement process hammered out by now disgraced and defrocked former Bishop Raymond Lahey for the beleaguered Diocese of Antigonish Nova Scotia.

Anyway, I think it’s well worth while keeping an eye on the testimony here.  I am sure we will hear of striking and even disturbing  similarities in the various processes.

For those in the dark about the Melbourne Response, here’s a quick read:

September 2012: Melbourne Response 2012 brochure


Can anyone confirm for me that Father Robert Morrieesy went back to trial and was convicted after his succesful appeal?  The former Christian Brother was ordered back to trial on a number of the charges – I can find no record anywhere of that second trial, but I have found reference to a conviction.  I really would like to get this squared away.  It’s very difficult to find out what happened in court 20 years ago.  And, I must say it is very strange that there is not a mention of that second trial online.  If anyone knows anything about that second trial would you please contact me?

Enough for now,


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