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I have added the page for Frank Selas, a former teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Japan. Selas was NOT a member of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, but would have been hired by them to teach at the school.

I promised this page some time ago but was having difficulty confirming a report I received advising that Selas had fled the country after being reported in Louisiana.  I had hunted and hunted in vain.  Then two days ago I went hunting again, and, there it was 🙂

I believe the information on the page speaks for itself.

Be sure to read those two pages from the Tokyo Weekender.  You just have to click on the image and it will enlarge – then use the magnifier to bring it to size for comfortable reading.

I can find no record of Selas’ death.  It’s highly probably he is still alive and hiding out in South America.  A fugitive.

Is he around children?  Probably.  Does he have access to children?  Probably.


If anyone has any more recent pictures of Frank Selas please send.  I am awaiting some information on the nature of this “Mr. Wonder: children’s show – ‘wondering’ of course, as I am sure are you, why he was called Mr. Wonder?

Enough for now,


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  1. T Robinson says:

    Ms. Sylvia, hi. The Mr. Wonder kids tv show was a show that came on in the North La area on KNOE tv. It was just a simple tv show of children playing/competing in games. There were big wheel races and other simple OLD fashion games. It was filmed inside of the studio in a big room at the TV Station. And once I remember a class fromRayville Elem. singing on his show. I vaugely remember anything else…even though I was on the show before! Once everything went down (and we didnt really understand or know at the time b/c we were always made to leave the room when the adults talked about this) but the show all of a sudden went AWAY, due to the problems he was causing. HENCE the warrents. I was in the 4th grade. Mr.Wonder always wore slacks, a suit or tuxedo jacket (I think with tails) and a tall black TOP hat, like a magician. I remeber his mic being long like a wand. And he was always HAPPY. Children would go to the TV studio from far and near to be on his show!!! When we went, it was to support my cousin who’d sang with the choir from Rayville, La. and we were about to watch a show be taped but on this particular day there were NOT enough children INSIDE the show he walked over to the door, opened it and said ALL CHILDREN, COME ON IN!!!! So, that day we were all GUESTS on The Mr.Wonder TV Show. I hope this was helpfull. It was sooooo long ago!!!

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