Priest breaches bail while appealing conviction

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It’s been a crazy busy few days, both from the perspective of information on or related to Sylvia’s Site, and the  hustle and bustle which arises sometimes in day to day life.

There are a few things of whixch I want to make note.  My plan was to do it all together but for the sake of expediency I think best I pass on those I can blog on right now, and then blog later to cover others.

Here goes:

(1)  Father Rene Labelle

You may recall that Father labelle was found guilty on three sex-related charges in April of this year and was sentenced to 16 months in jail.  You may also recall that he interned to appeal,  either the conviction or the sentence or both.

Well. here is the latest news:

(a) Father Labelle is facing two new charges for breaching his parole conditions.  My understanding is that the charges arose from his failure to report to police as required.  Labelle has already had at least one courtdate in relation to these charges.  His next courtdate on these charges is:

28 August 2014:  09:00 am, “to be spoken to,” Kingston Ontario Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston

(b)  The appeal has not, as they say “been perfected” yet.  That means that the required documents have not yet been filed in order to proceed.

It seems to be taking an unduly  long time indeed to get on with this.  Mind you, I had heard that it usually takes at least a year for an appeal to be heard.  There are however timelines which must be met for filing all the requisite paperwork.

Anyway, that’s where the appeal stands.  All the paperwork has yet to be filed

Please keep the victim and his family in your prayers.  This is difficult for all of them.

The guilty verdict and sentencing is in abeyance until the appeal business is sorted out, so of course Father Labelle is out and about, on bail,  but possibly not, according to the new charges, biding by his bail conditions.


A new Statement of Claim related to sex abuse allegations re deceased ex priest and convicted molester Charles Sylvestre has been posted:

Jane Doe No. 28 and the estate of Charles H. Sylvestre, the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of London in Ontario et al

This case is going to trial 28 September 2014 in London, Ontario.

Please keep Jane Doe Bo. 28 in your  prayers.


There’s an excellent new documentary out in Australia:  In the Name of the Law.  I confess I have not yet watched beyond the John Ellis segment but fully intend to do so.  I confess too that I stopped watching  because I was overwhelmed by the pain I see in John Ellis’ – a lawyer – eyes.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much pain in the eyes of one person.

This is a not so gentle reminder of the anguish caused by these predators in the Church, and  by those who cover-up for them, and by many if not most of those who represent the dioceses in dealing with the victims, and by so many lawyers and Church officials who deal with and  the victims and those who spin the truth.

John Ellis has been on my mind for hours end.  My thoughts and prayers are with him.


Supper calls.

I will wrap up later with info on the Two filipino priests suspended in Newfoundland

Enough for now,


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  1. 1yellowknife says:

    Watched the new Australian documentary IN THE NAME OF THE LAW and recommend it highly. I was moved by the courage of the whistle blowers and horrified at the price they paid. The institutional cover up was so similar to what we witness ….. the hounding of the victims; the denial of institutional responsibility; the mobster-like mega funerals for pedopriests. Well researched; well documented and well worth your time.

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