The blame game

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Former Church organist Brian Lucy had a court date on Friday 01 August 2015 in Brockville, Ontario.

Today is a holiday in Ontario so courts are closed and I am unable to get the next set date – will attempt to do so tomorrow, and also to try to sort out if the possession of child porn charges are going to be dealt with separately or will be merged with those of sex abuse.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


The news from Paraguay regarding the suitability of predatory priest Father Carlos Urrutigoity to continue to function as a priest doesn’t get any better.

05 August 2014:  “Paraguay diocese says accused priest came with Ratzinger OK” & related articles

The blame game and finger pointing.

How pathetic.  It may well be that then Cardinal Ratzinger gave the nod to giving Urrutigoity safe haven in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, but for goodness sake, Bishop Rogelio Livieres, should have been more than capable of making that decision himself.  Why, if he was and presumably still is so certain of Urrutigoity’s innocence, did he feel the need to turn to other Church officials to endorse his decision?  That is not required.  But, it does I suppose come in handy for the blame game?

And, if indeed Cardinal Ratzinger and other cardinals gave the nod to taking in Urrutoigity, on what did they base their advice that this man was fit to be a priest?

And why indeed to the  Bishop of Scranton PA excardinate Urrutigoity in the first place?  Had the excardination not transpired Urrutigoity could not have been incardinated in any diocese in Paraguay, nor for that matter, in any dicoese anywhere in the world.

So now we’re into everyone running around pointing fingers and/or blaming others.

Bottom line though is that a predatory priest is still ‘a priest in good standing’ in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este.

Meanwhile, while fingers point, and blame is tossed and chucked about, and the indefensible is defended, young boys and young men are wilfully placed at risk,  multitudes of faithful Catholics flounder trying to sort out who to believe, and multitudes more Catholics are sorely and cunningly deceived and betrayed by Father Urrutigoity and his many ardent defenders.

A disgrace.  A scandal.  A sacrilege.


A long weekend coming to an end.  I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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