Get them out of the priesthood

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I’ve just posted a series of articles updating the Father Carlos Urrutigoity/Paraguay scandal:

30 July 2014:  “Vatican Taking Action In Divisive Paraguay Diocese Where Top Priest Was Removed” & related articles   (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Paraguay)

I erred 🙁  With the first round of reports I mistakenly thought that decisive action had been taken regarding Father Urrutigoity.

Not so.

Father Urrutigoity has not been suspended.  He has been relieved of his duties as Vicar General of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.  That’s it.  He is still very much a priest in that diocese.

What’s the point?  What is gained by relieving a clerical predator of his duties as Vicar General of a diocese if he’s still functioning as a priest in the diocese, is a priest ‘in good standing,’  and is probably hearing confessions, giving spiritual advice and offering up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

This is nonsense.

And look at this. The bishops in Paraguay are reduced to duking it out – in public – over Father Urrutigoity:

The Archbishop of Asuncion, Eustaquio Pastor Cuquejo, called for a new investigation into the Rev. Urrutigoity. Bishop Livieres was so outraged that he claimed at a public rally that Archbishop Cuquejo was nearly removed from the church five years ago for homosexual behavior, calling him “a bad person” who shouldn’t “throw stones.”

Are Lievre’s allegations against the Archbishop true?  I have no idea, but, if yes,the archbishop should be gone too.  All of them:  Archbishop Eustaquio Pastor Cuquejo, Bishop Rogelio Livieres and Father Carlos Urrutigoity. Laicize them for goodness sake.  Get them out of the priesthood.

As for the hold on ordinations, I thought that that was probably tied into Father Dominic Carey being in charge of the seminary.  Father Carey, born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia,  was, along with Father Urrutigoity, a member of the scandal-plagued and now suppressed Society of St. John.  Father Carey actively defended the SSJ priest’s habit of sleeping with boys and explained it as opportunity to bond.   I believe that any priest so ready and willing to defend the indefensible  is unfit to be a priest, never mind assist in the formation of future priests.

Is that why ordinations in the diocese are on hold?  I thought so, but am not so sure any more.  If Father Urrutigoity – who ‘bonded’ with I don’t know how many young lads and molested/assaulted others –  has merely been demoted from  VG to diocesan priest, why be concerned with a priest who simply condones the ‘bonding’ experience, and defends those accused of molesting?

Where does this go?

My hopes aren’t too high at all.  At the very least Father Urrutigoity could have been suspended pending a thorough investigation.  Thorough!    Let those who deny or question the allegations against him talk to those with first-hand information of the goings on at St. Greg’s and then at nearby Shahola Pennsylvania where Urrutigoity and his fellow members of the Society of St. John established themselves.

How many are there out there who are blind and can not see?

Enough for now,


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  1. PJ says:

    Is this really surprising? I think not. Just another fine example of how that church protects it’s own while ignoring the victims.

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