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A link to a page with further formation has been added for Paul Blancard.

Blancard is an ex-priest.  His name has been on the Accused list since, I do believe, I first started that data base over four years ago.

Recently someone mentioned Blancard’s name to me, and when I checked discovered that I had not yet put a page together with further information.  That query prompted me to get the job done.

If anyone has any further information please pass it along.  As you can see, I am uncertain as to Blancard’s early years in the priesthood.  According to the directories which I have on hand he was incardinated in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.  At some point he was over in the Diocese of Victoria.  The charges to which he pled guilty were related to sex abuse of little  girls in the Victoria Diocese between the years 1967 and 1980.  According to the Canadian Catholic Church Directories however Father Blancard was serving in Burnaby BC and North Surrey in the late 60s and early 70s.

Was Blancard travelling over to Vancouver Island during those years to molest these children?

Any information to clarify and make sense out of this would be appreciated.


Take the time to look at the run-around on this:

30 July 2014:  S.Africa extradites German priest on sex abuse charges

Click on the Georg Kerkhoff link for two other background articles and one which I tacked onto this latest news just to put the news into context.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

I suppose the good news is that Kerhoff has been deported and will – hopefully! –  finally have to face his German accusers in a court of law.  But I don’t understand the decision by S. African police to drop all charges against him there just to get him out of the country.

Truth be told, there’s a lot I don;t understand these days 🙁


Convicted clerical molester Father Dan Miller is indeed living in an apartment block in Pembroke, Ontario:  a two-bedroom apartment.

Most of the tenants in the building are seniors.  Most, if not all, have grandchildren.  No one was told that a convicted molester was going to occupy an apartment in their building.  They were horrified when they found out.  Horrified.

Those who complained to the landlord were told that if they don’t like it they can leave.

What have we come to in this world?  what have we come to when a child molester has – or at least seems to have – the corner of the market on rights and freedoms?

I don’t wish Father Miller on the poor nuns in the diocese either, but, why is he not back in a convent?  Why is he not somewhere on diocesan property where priests are there to oversee his every move?

Why did Bishop Michael Mulhall decide to go this route?  Is there no moral responsibility on the part of the bishop and diocese to ensure Catholics and non-Catholics alike are spared the horror of sharing a small apartment building with a convicted predatory priest?  None?

What’s the answer here?  Does anyone have suggestions?

Should seniors have to put up with this?


I am sure than no on is the least surprised to hear that I am still waiting for a call back from a bishop regarding two priests currenty under investigation.

More to come in due course.

Enough for now,


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