Catch-up time

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Catch-up time.  Here goes:

(1)  Father Charles Picot.

Father Charles Picot’s court date of 21 July 2014 was adjourned.  Father Picot was not in court.

Father Picot’s next court date is:

22 September 2014:    09:30 am, “first appearance,” Bathurst courthouse, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Please, as always, keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Eric Dejaeger omi

Ex priest and previously convicted Oblate child molester Eric Dejaeger had a one-day preliminary hearing scheduled on his Edmonton, Alberta charges on 31 July 2014.  I want to check up on this to see if the prelim is still scheduled.  My gut feel is that it is probably cancelled, or adjourned.  Dejaeger’s Nunavut trial has not wrapped up yet – in fact the verdict is due to be rendered 12 September 2014.  I don’t think the preliminary hearing will proceed on these charges until the Nunavut trial is wrapped up completely.

I will check on that either later this afternoon or on Monday.

And, yes, please keep all the Dejaeger victims and complainants in your prayers. This has been going on for a long long time.  (Dejaeger was deported from Belgium 19 January 2011.  For so many this has been going on a for a long long time.  Dejaeger has been “wanted” in Canada since 1995, and by Interpol since 2001)

(3)  Father Damian Cooper

You may recall that a trial date in this civil action has been set for 29 September of this year with the trial scheduled to last for 20 days.

There is now a date set for formal mediation:

31 July 2014:  Formal mediation in Vancouver, BC (NOT open to the public)

Note that this is NOT open to the public.  Please keep the plaintiff in your prayers.

(4) St. Mary’s International School

I received a 1973-74 St. Mary’s International School yearbook in the mail today.  I thank the kind and thoughtful soul who realized that I might be interested in receiving and sent it my way 🙂   I certainly was and am delighted to finally have it in my hands

I have looked through page by page twice.  It gives me so much more of a ‘feel’ for the school.  There are a few pictures which I will definitely scan and post.  That may take a little while because I will ‘redact’ the faces of any and all students in any pictures which I intend to post.

(5)  Brother  Lessard.

I have also received some more information on Brother Benoit Lessard. I plan to get in touch with the contact first and will then post.

(6)  Suspensions

I received word last week that two priests in Canada were suspended and under investigation for allegations related to sexual misconduct.  I have made several phone calls and am awaiting a call back from a bishop.

At this time I will not disclose names or location.  Some Catholics are aware of the situation.  Catholics in the diocese have not been informed.  If anyone reading this knows of the situation and has any further information please send me an email at:


I continue picking away at getting The Inquiry website back together.  I think I have finally come to terms with the reality that no matter how I hard I work at it this is going to be a long drawn out process.  I can’t spend my days hoping a few more hours will do the trick, and I must manage my time to ensure I keep up to date on Sylvia’s Site.  My plan is to divvy up the day with half going to Sylvia’s Site (postings, emails, phonecalls, research etc) and the other half to The Inquiry.  I think best I start each day working on Sylvia’s Site –  I have a tendency to get going on the website and think I’ll just finish up this page, or just add that article – and  time just passes me by 🙁   I must admit that I sometimes find myself poring through transcripts again looking for some little but important thing I recall being said .  And, as I believe I  have said before, I am finding that I am more astounded than ever at the magnitude of the scandal and cover-up – and I’ll add in some cases sheer incompetence. I am seeing it all with a new set of eyes, and often with benefit of additional information which I didn’t have at my fingertips when I first posted so much of the data.

I have been noting on the  Home page what I have added and what areas I intend to work on.  It’s impossible to direct you to all the new information but I think those notices are suffice to keep you abreast and clicking away on new pages and links .

I think that’s about it ,  at least for now 🙂

Enough for now,


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