Still not all sorted out

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The preliminary hearing of Church organist Brian Lucy actually wrapped up on 25 June 2014.  There was a bit of a misunderstanding there.

I drove down to Brockville yesterday, the city of the 1000 islands.  It turned out that Brian Lucy was on the docket, but for a different set of charges, and only in remand court.  A new date had been set:  01 August, 2014, 09:00 am in courtroom #1.  Brian Lucy did not appear.

I asked many questions and must say I still haven’t got this all sorted out.  As I understand it, Lucy has been committed to stand trial in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on some but not all of the sex charges.  There is no date as yet for continuation on thoe charges in the Superior court.  It will probably go to arraignment court around September at which time the process will begin to move toward trial.  I will check on things around the middle of August to see if there is anything new.

As for yesterday’s charges, there are two charges of failure to comply with an undertaking and one charge of possession of child pornography.  The two charges of failure to comply probably relate to some instances in which Lucy it was deemed that Lucy breeched   his bail conditions.  I was unable to find out any more than that.

I need to find out more before I say any more.

So, I had a little jaunt down to beautiful Brockville, Ontario, and had opportunity for the first time ever to set foot in that magnificent and historic courthouse (built in 1841!) .

The courthouse sites at the top of Court Square, a small hill just two blocks from the waterfront.  Once upon a time there were four churches – all Protestant – flanking the courthouse to the sides and fore of the square.  One church burnt down, so there are now three churches within a stone’s throw of the courthouse.

And, an interesting and humorous little tid bit:  slightly to the West of the square and down the hill sits the Roam Catholic Church.

The community was settled by the United Empire Loyalists.  I was told that they didn’t think the Catholic Church worthy to sit on the hill 🙂  Fact or fiction I have no idea, but rue enough the Catholic Church is down the hill.

The original jail still stands and is still in use!

I took a few pictures – will check them later and perhaps post a  few.


Our little six-year-old grand-daughter is with us for a sleep-over.  Not so little any more.  Time is flying.

Anyway, today it will be a day at the beach, and playing with Barbies, and colouring, and walking in the woods 🙂 🙂

Enough for now,


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