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Tomorrow morning is the continuation of Catholic church organist Brian Lucy’s preliminary hearing in Brockville, Ontario:

18 July 2014 :  09:00 am, courtroom #1, continuation of preliminary hearing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

A reminder that there is a publication ban on all testimony and evidence, but the public is free to attend.   I urge those who are free to do so to attend.

I ask as always that you please keep the complainant in your prayers.


In the event that you missed it I want to draw your attention to the following comment posted by Simon Scott, a journalist with the Japan Times:

Hi! My name is Simon Scott and I am a Tokyo-based freelance journalist who is a regular contributor to the Japan Times. I am also the Japan correspondent for the New Zealand Herald. Many of the stories I have published are up on the web, so Google: Simon Scott + Japan Time etc., if you want to check out previous stuff I have written.

I am currently researching a story about sexual abuse at St. Mary’s International School for the Japan Times and want to communicate with anyone who has any relevant information. I would like to talk with not just the victims of the abuse, but also anyone who may have information they feel could help with my story or who may be able to put me in contact with someone who does. I fully understand this is a sensitive topic and be rest assured that I won’t disclose the identity of any sources who wish to remain anonymous.

Please email me at my personal email address:

Simon Scott

Please pass the message along to those who attended St. Mary’s International School.  I have guaranteed all my SMIS contacts confidentiality and I stand by that.  I will not therefore be able to assist Mr. Scott.   I ask therefore that the message gets passed along to ensure that all those who have or may have information are aware of the message and can decide if they are prepared to contact Mr. Scott.

Let’s all pray that the truth will come out.  Pray too for the many SMIS victims out there who are struggling, and for their families, and for all who know a little bit of something but think it’s not much of anything.

I added the Brothers of Christian Instruction to the menu under “RC Scandal.”  At this time all I have done is list links to the names and pages of five brothers who are known to have allegations of sex abuse against them. but at least it allows all the names to be listed together and I can add to it.

You can access the link by clicking “RC Scandal” and then “Brothers of Christian Instruction (Mennasians}”

I just noticed that the video clips are not working.  I will have to sort out what’s gone ary there and get them back up and running again.  Its too late in the day now, and I will be out tomorrow, but I will get it sorted out 🙂


I continue work on   More articles and links have been added to the Bishop  Eugene Larocque page, and I’m still not finished getting the page back together 🙁  Sometimes links to articles on the old website were broken so away I go hunting for the article – not always easy to track a specific article down because there are literally thousands to search through,  and, alas,  sometimes I didn’t file them by title

I have been giving a general idea on the Home page  of what I am working on and where I would like you to go clicking 🙂  Just keep clicking your way from page to page and link to link .

Enough for now,


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Just discovered that thankfully the video clips ARE functioning, my problem is with FireFox. I checked the clips in Internet Explorer and all is well. If you use FireFox you know that this happens from time time – problems playing videos. I think I will just switch browsers for a while 🙂

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