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Father Bernard Buckle’s name and a link to a page with further information has been added to the Accused list.

I have put together the information which I have been able to find.  Please, if you have any further information, send it me at:

Interesting, and for what it’s worth,  after graduation from high school Fathers Des McGrath and Bernard Buckle worked at Bowater’s Paper Mill .  There is perhaps a two-year gap in ages, but the pair did graduate from St. Francis Xavier University (Antagonistic)  together in 1957 and both then headed off to St. Augustine’s seminary in Toronto/Scarborough and were ordained in 1961.

Were Fathers Buckle and McGrath good friends, or is it sheer coincidence that they followed identical paths en route to ordination?

Also of interest is the fact that in the early 90s Fathwr Buckle was Pastor at St. Roman Catholic Church in Stephenville and who was his assistant but Father Gary Hoskins

Yes, that’s convicted clerical molester Father Gary Hoskins who is facing new sex charges , has opted for trial by judge and jury, and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing 16 September of this year.

Hoskins was recycled out of Newfoundland and into the Archdiocese of Toronto after his past conviction but – like Buckle – is still very much a priest ‘belonging to’ the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador (formerly Diocese of St. George’s) .

And, while we have no idea what the outcome of these charges will be I will add that it send a chill down my spine to see that Father Buckle served on the diocesan Liturgical Commission back in the early 70s with , amongst others Fathers Kevin J. Bennet (Administrator) and Monsignor William J. Boone.  Both the latter are now convicted molesters.

On a slightly different note, does anyone know or has anyone heard when these charges were laid?  It seems just a little strange that the word is just now out and already a date has been set to plea.  I think there must have been at last one court date, if not more, before this.  IF that’s the case, what’s going on?  Why IF the charges were laid some time ago, was everyone from police to the diocese sitting on the charges?

Anyway, the word is out.  I am sure parishioners at the Cathedral are horrified.  From what I can tell Father Buckle has been living in the rectory and assisting in the diocese since his retirement.  I imagine much of his assisting has been right there at the Cathedral.  Keep those people in your prayers.  As strange as it may seem, fr many it is a shocker to find out that police have determined that there is sufficient evidence to lay charges against a trusted priest.

And yes, I absolutely do commend the complainant for coming forward.  Please keep him/her in your prayers.  I also encourage anyone with allegations against Father Bernard Buckle o to contact your local police.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for 25 August 2014.  If you are within driving distance and can make it to the c outhouse, please mark your calendar to be there.

I will get back to work now on

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