Another Newfoundland priest charged

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Charges have been laid against a former priest with the Diocese of St. George’s, Newfoundland.Bernard Buckle has a plea date set for 25 August 2014.

For now, here is an article from yesterday’s Western Star:

Plea date set for sex charges against former priest

The Western Report (Newfoundland)

TC Media

08 July 2014

A former Roman Catholic priest who spent most of his tenure in western Newfoundland has a plea date set for Aug. 25 on sex charges.

Bernard Buckle had his lawyer appear on his behalf in Stephenville Provincial Court on Monday when the time of the plea date was set. He faces three charges of sexual assault.

Buckle, who is now 81 years of age, was born and grew up in Corner Brook before being ordained a priest in 1961 in Corner Brook. After ordination he was appointed assistant priest at Stephenville, where he remained for eight years. In 1969 he became parish priest of Lourdes where he remained for 10 years. He then became parish priest of St. Alban’s in 1979 and remained there for five years, after which he was appointed priest of St. Stephen’s Parish in Stephenville.

Const. Justin Deluney of the Bay St. George RCMP would only say the charges against the former priest are “historical” and wouldn’t give any further details, including where the alleged offences occurred or the age of the complainants at the time.

I will see what info I can find and get a page together and add Bernard Buckle to the list.  Once done I will make note of the addition here. (By the way, he is still a priest – perhaps not ‘practicing’, but he is still a priest)

My thoughts and prayers are with those who found the courage and strength to come forward.


I continue plugging along at rebuilding  An awful awful task.  I knew it would be that, but it is worse than I thought.  There are so very many connections from one person to another that it is proving impossible to get links squared away, and very difficult to link in relevant blogs.  All those blog links became broken links as soon as the original website disappeared, and all now have to be re-done.  I have started working on some of those as I add to the new site.

The blogs help to explain what was happening at the Cornwall Public Inquiry (from my perspective), and often give additional background information.  The blogs are a must read for those who are trying to wrap their heads around this very complex sex abuse scandal and cover-up.  As I work my way along I will be adding links to relevant blogs on the pages.

To date I have noted major additions to on the Home page.

It is impossible to make mention of every addition, but I am trying to let you know of major additions, and. of course, hope that you are clicking your way through everything on the page,  and beyond 🙂

You may have noticed that a lot of information and links have been added to the Ron Leroux page, including links to blogs and my attempt to explain Ron’s “recantations”:

(1)  Cameron’s Point and the ritual

(2)  Who’s on or off “The List”?

(3) Joss Van Doepen Incriminated

There is also a fair bit of information added to the Murray MacDonald page.  There is more to add, but that is prbably all I will do there for now

A page was added for Father Kevin Maloney , and Father Romeo Major and Monsignor Rejean Lebrun.  Also added is the “The Lawsuit” and files related to the lawsuit

I wish I had time to comment on as I post, but the object of the exercise right now is to get that information back up and in the public domain.

What a horror story.  I knew it was bad, but with a little distance from it see now that it is even worse than I had thought.

Anyway, I will get to work getting that page together and posted for Bernard Buckle.

Enough for now,




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