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I had hoped to have a few things squared away on before I blogged, but a few glitches with software which as yet I am unable to resolve.  So, a quick note and then back I go to sort things out.  I swear this is becoming the sotry of my life 🙁

No work accomplished over the weekend.  I had a visit from a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen for six years.  We could not believe that six years had passed. Time has moved along so terribly fast.

Anyway, the weather was with us – not too hot and not too cold – and we spent literally hours upon hours on the deck talking and talking and talking – and we continued our chitter-chatter well  into the wee hours of the morning both Saturday and Sunday.

A wonderful break ,  – and so much fresh air!  I am usually posted in front of the computer so must say the change, fresh air and company were so very welcome and greatly appreciated.

And back to work today.

I am trying to get the Ron Leroux page together, but ran into a bit of a hiccup in getting the material posted as I had hoped to do.  I will have to come up with another approach.

If you have been keeping an eye on the Home page for you will have had a bit of a guide as to what has been added and hopefully have been clicking away at all the links.

Also you will have noticed that a “Category” list has been added to that page.  My hope is that this will allow people to keep tabs of some of the many names associated with the Cornwall sex abuse scandal, cover-up and inquiry.  If you click on a name you will get ‘hits’ for every article posted on the site to date which has that name as a category.  It should also be a fairly straight-forward way of connecting the dots.


I got back to adding articles to Sylvia’s Site on Thursday last.  Check New to the site – all are of interest and most are worthy of comment.

Must run along now and get a few things done around the house.  I will carry on with the Ron Leroux page shortly.  Perhaps if I give the computer a rest things will work as they should on the layout.  Sometimes that’s all that is needed.  Really and truly 🙂

Enough for now.









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