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An update on courtdates:

(1)  Brian Lucy

25 June 2014  10:00 am, Preliminary Hearing (booked for one day) Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

This hearing is open to the public.  There will probably  be a ban on publication of all testimony and evidence so there won’t be any media coverage of the nature of the allegations.

After the hearing the judge will decide if he/she believes there is sufficient evidence to continue to trial.  Sometimes judges rule immediately, and sometimes they take a few days.  If anyone hears word that the judge has issued a ruling one way or the other tomorrow would you please pass it on?

Please keep the complainant in your prayers in as special way tomorrow.  It will be a difficult day.

(2)  Father Linus Bastien

The next court date for Father Linus Bastien is:

11 July 2014:  09:30 am, assignment court, courtroom #3, Windsor Superior Court of Justice , 245 Windsor Avenue, Windsor, Ontario

This IS open to the public, but will probably be over in done with in a twinkle of an eye.  I still recommend those who are free to do so to attend.  There are sometimes little odds and ends of interesting information to pick up, but sometimes it’s just a case of asking for and picking another date to come back.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers.

(3)  Father Robert Counture

Father Couture’s next court date is:

15 August 2014:  Pre-trial hearing

This is NOT open to the public.  I will follow up in mid August to get and post the next court date.

(4)  Marcel Lalonde

13 January 2015:  Preliminary hearing, 10 am, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

This will be open to the public, but, as as generally always the case, there will be  a publication ban on all evidence and testimony.  It is at these hearings a judge decides whether he/she believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial

The hearing is booked for one day.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Well, I have been plugging way at transferring data to  It seems it’s going to be a never-ending job.  I  had my days this week where I was a tad overwhelmed by it all 🙁

Anyway, I have been posting pages and articles.  And oh my what horrific trip down memory lane this is!  I am horrified.  As close as I was to the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up I find I am still absolutely horrified at both the abuse and the cover-up.  Horrified.

I have been adding little bits of information here and there as I can to enable people to put the pieces together a little more readily.  I know it’s difficult to to get a handle on it all, and realize the difficulty even more so now as I work to get things back online and realize the multitude of connections.  I am trying to get blogs linked into articles updated, but there are so many names I still need to get posted that it is proving extremely difficult. Equally difficult to deal with is the spin doctoring.

I came across and re posted an article which I penned some years back in sheer frustration.  The whole Cornwall scandal is such a tangled web that I was at wit’s end trying to sort out how to tackle the misinformation and spin.  I finally came up with this parody:

Acts of Perfect Charity:

A Parody


That is truly how ridiculous things were in Cornwall!  I hope for some it sheds a little light on the mess 🙂


I asked a few days ago and will ask again that you go to the and click your way through pages, articles and links.  That is the only way all of the information is going to get back out into the public domain.  In fact, if you can do sot, please click away a few times a day.  The more clicking the better.  If you stop to digest some of the content in the process so much the better, but for now the important thing is to let the search engines know that all of that material is back and settling into a new corner of cyber space.

As you click your way around The Inquiry you will notice the addition of a lot of  information over the past few days, -and also a multitude of articles which still need to be posted and linked.  The latter will be filled in in due course.

For now, to get you going, here are a few names and articles which have been added and need clicking (when the page opens if there are links there which need clicking that would be a bonus!):


Father Gaetan Deschamps

 Father Gilles Deslaurier

Father Carl Stone

Father Paul Lapierre


Bishop Luc Bouchard

Bishop Rosario Brodeur

Bishop Paul Andre Durocher

Bishop Eugene Larocque

Bishop William Smith

Bishop Joseph-Aurele Plourde

Bishop Adolphe Proulx


Anonymous: C-8

 Anonymous: C-11

Andre Lavoie

John MacDonald

Gerald Renshaw

Robert Renshaw

Robert Sheets

Adrian St. Louis

Cornwall Police

Luc Brunet

Garry Derochie

Claude Shaver

The Office of the AG

Curt Flanagan

Shelley Hallett

Murray MacDonald

Robert Pelletier

Murray Segal


The Poignant Voice of a Victim 

The Father Carl Stone documents (Please take the time to read these!  I still have to link these into the chronology on the Father Carl Stone page – but I think these speak for themselves

Undated (c.1985?): Record of Priests Diocese of Alexandria

03 August 1957: Msgr. William J Argy (Chancellor Diocese of Ogdensberg New York) to Bishop Rosario Brodeur ) Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario)

20 December 1957: Bishop Brodeur (Alexandria) to Rev Frank Setzer (Ogedensberg, NY) 

25 April 1958 Msgr. John M Waterhouse (Diocese of Ogdensberg, NY) to Rev John D McPhail , Chancellor Diocese Alexandria Cornwall

02 May 1958Bishop Brodeur to Bishop James J Navagh, Ogdensberg 02 May 1958

21 October 1963:Father Lucian D LeClair smm , Montfort Fathers Provincial, to Bishop Brodeur re renewal of indult authorizing Father Stones’s “absentia a domo religiosa.”

14 October 1981:Bishop Euegene Larocque memo of an interview with Father Stone 

04 November 1981:   “Man pleads guilty to sodomy”

24 November 1981:  “Man on probation in sex case”

08 December 1981:Bishop Larocque to Father Carl Stone appointing Stone as chaplan of St. Josephs Villa and requesting Stone to provide chaplaincy services at Mount Carmel House to treat those with alcohol problems AA 08 

14 June 1982: Stone Bishop Larocque “To Whom it May Concern” – Immigration

12 October 1982: Bishop Larocque letter to Ed Lumley requesting special consideration re Father Carl Stones Canadian landed immigrant status .

20 January 1983: Federal Liberal MP Lloyd Axworthy MP to Eugene Larocque references meeting and agreement to issue Ministers Permit with conditions

25 January 1983: Bishop Eugene Larocque letter to Lloyd Axworthy MP.  Larocque accepts Axworthy intervention and conditions.

12 February 1985: Cornwall Immigration officer Fern Lebrun to Father Carl Stone referencing Ministers Pernit of January 1985 and advising further extensions will probably not be approved. Stone must leave Canada by 24 January 1986 .

02 April 1985: Bishop Larocque to Fern Lebrun advising he, Larocque, will undertake every measure possible to see that Stone can stay.

09 June 1985 (Sunday): Stone Sister Dolores Kane to Bishop Larocque re her disappointment with Bishop Larocques response to he telephone call on Friday and reiterating her concerns re Father Carl Stone

(?) June 1985:Bishop Eugene Larocque letter to Father Stone stripping him of his faculties and ordering him to leave the Villa and Canada as soon as possible

10 June 1985 (Monday): Father Carl Stone letter of resignation to Sister D. Kane – copied to Bishop Euegene Larocque

21 June 1985 (Friday): Bishop Larocque to Fern Lebrun advising that Father Stone has resigned and returned to NY state it is therefore no longer necessary to pursue the matter of Stone staying in Canada beyond January 1986

There is information to be added on many of the pages – decided in some cases the thing to do was get the basics up and then as I get on top of it I’ll go back and add the information, and the links to articles (also to be added) and tidy up the layout.

So,  start clicking..

Enough for now,




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