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Father Daniel Moreau (Diocese of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec) has a court date today, Monday, 09 Juane 2014,  in the Sorel-Tracy, Quebec courthouse.

09 June 2014:  2 pm. “orientation,” Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse, Quebec

Moreaua’s charges. which relate to child pornography, were laid  March 2013.

Please pass on any and all news of the outcome of today’s court proceedings.


A reminder that there is an upcoming court date set for Father Linus Bastien:

13 June 2014:  09:30 am, to set a date, Windsor Superior Court of Justice , 245 Windsor Avenue, Windsor, Ontario

Bastien, who was first charged October 2011,  has been ordered to stand trial on about 22 charges.  I believe at this point a total of seven men have contacted police alleging they were sexually abused as young boys by Father Bastien.

Hopefully a trial date will be set on Friday.  Please keep the complainants and their families in your prayers.


I have been picking away at getting information back onto website and sorting out the how-tos.

There are now several large articles or documents re-posted, the latest being the Anatomy of a Cover-up,  a detailed sort of chronology of the early years of Cornwall scandal, chiefly as it erupted in the media.

Initially I planned to get all the information articles on the Home page of the old site re-posted and linked.  That led me to start to add info on “The Scandal” page. and hence re-posting Anatomy of a Cover-up.

I have decided now that the best way  to proceed from here is to get as much information as possible onto the pages of those those whose names figured prominently in the early days of the unfolding Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up, and then at least I can add links to those pages.

I will therefore start work on the following pages:  Father Charles MacDonald, David Silmser, Ken Seguin, Perry Dunlop, Bishop Eugene Larocque, Malcolm MacDonald, Murray MacDonald and Claude Shaver.

As I have said before, I will work on text size and headers and colours and all as I move along but the first priority is to get the text back online in a reasonably legible fashion.

I will ask if over the coming days you would please routinely flip through the pages and click on the links on as it rebuilds. The search engines need to know where to find the information which went missing – this will all happen much faster if each of you take a little sorti through the site once or twice a day.  You don’t need to read the articles unless you want to, just clicking on pages and links will be enough to let the crawlers know the pages and information are there.  The more people who click through the faster the data base will re-build online.  Thank you.

Enough for now,


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