Unfinished business

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I’ve made some progress on theinquiry.ca – still sorting things out a bit, and realize I have a long way form having the home page, colours and headers set, but, it’s coming 🙂

I have discovered that copying text, particularity in large articles with indentations for quotes and so on , is a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.  All the formatting disappears so must be re-done para by para 🙁   But, the following have been posted on theinquiry.ca:

The Unpurged Evil in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall


I have also re-posted Perry Dunlop’s Will State, but this time have posted it as a pdf file which makes it much easier to read.  When I posted the file originally I was unable to post it as a pdf file so had converted it to text and tried to get the lay-out as close to the original as I could, plus the document had to be broken  down into five files to post!

Ah, the wonders of technology and progress –  the entire document is now posted intact.  Here it is:

07 April 2000:  Perry Dunlop’s “Story” (i.e.,his Will State”)

If you check the front page of theiqnuiry.ca you will that other information has been transferred over.  There are still many links to add to the “Links of Interest” – each entails posting the article to which it links – as I get them posted I will make note to let you know.

This is turning into quite a trip down memory lane for me.  The info in and of itself is not at all pleasant to reminisce upon, but as I plod along I find myself thinking of so many people whom I have come to know and care for deeply during the years I followed the unfolding Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up.

Friends. The silver linings in the dirty dark clouds.

I am also thinking there is unfinished business in Cornwall.

Anyway, the mind wanders, but for now I must carry on here.  Lots to do and have to be set to head off to a hockey game this evening 🙂

Enough for now,


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