I have a way ahead

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Well, I finally feel as though I have a way ahead in copying over the website.  There is still much to be done as far as finalizing colours and text size and all is concerned, but I can fiddle and learn what must be done there as I move along.  The thing is that I think – cross fingers! – I have found a way to present the information from the old theinquiry.ca website in a fairly reasonable manner.

Keep an eye on the new version of theinquiry.ca.  Rest assured that for a while it will change from day to day, and in fact from minute to minute 🙂  If anyone happened on the new site after the old one came down yesterday you probably had a good notion that I was busy pulling out my hair by the roots!  The theme changed I don’t know how many times, from one to another to another, and back and forth and to and fro – I’d try one and decide after working with it a bit that it wasn’t right – then I’d move on to others, and then at some point I’d decide that maybe I should go back and try that other one again.  It was a bit of a merry-go-round 🙂

So, thankfully, I think this will be it.  As I said, there is much to do regarding the colour combinations, but I can play around with those until I get them where I want them.  The same holds for the text size.  And I’ve been having some problem sorting out how to set the Header size and colour on the Home page – I had it once and then lost it 🙁

Anyway, those quirks are quite minor now.  I just had to fiddle and test until I reached a point where I had an inkling of how to proceed.  I am there 🙂

As you can see, all the articles linked to the “Links of Interest” still have to be added – I just wanted to try putting those there to see how it works.

Time now to sort out what to conjure up for supper 🙂  – will get some more work done on theinquiry.ca later.

Enough for now,


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