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The sex abuse trial of Eric Dejaeger. a Belgian-born Oblate who is a previously convicted child molester and ex-priest is drawing to a close in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Defence and Crown have presented closing submissions.  I get the impression that there may be rebuttals today.  The judge is expected to reserve decision – if that’s the case a day will be set to render the verdict.

28 May 2014:  Nunavut court: Crown wraps up case against ex-priest

27 May 2014:  “Sex abuse trial for former Arctic priest winds down in Iqaluit” & related article 

27 May 2014:  Curtain closing on former Nunavut priest’s long, sordid trial

Please keep the victims in your prayers.  As you see from the coverage to date, Dejeager’s lawyer Malcolm Kempt essentially called them liars.

Let’s pray that justice is done here.


Deacon William Kokesch‘ child porn trial moved to sentencing hearing on Monday, 26 May 2014.  Sentencing date has been set for 16 October 2014.  The only coverage I can find of the sentencing hearing is the following from CTV:

26 May 2014:  Pre-sentencing report for West Island child pornographer

Was CTV the only media at the courthouses?  If you see any other coverage please send me or post a link.


The Archdiocese of Moncton has wrapped up its two-year victim compensation process.  The process, steered by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Bastarache, apparently dealt with and compensated  approximately 90 victims.

There is nary a mention of the number of priests who have been credibly identified as molesters through the process. (I say credibly because I believe it is a  given that monies are not paid out to persons who are deemed to be lying)

24 May 2014:  Moncton Archdiocese sex abuse compensation process complete

Where to next, I wonder, for Justice Bastarache?


For those who may have missed the post from 12 May 2014, teh Diocese of London’s Father Robert Couture has been committed to stand trial:

12 May 2014:  Priest to stand trial for theft

Couture has elected trial by jury.

There is no trial date yet.    I will check next week – it usually takes some time to reach a point where the date is set.


While I was away I received a copy of a Victim Impact Statement given at the Sentencing hearing of ex-priest Gabriele Del Bianco:

05 May 2014:  Victim Impact Statement from Gabe Del Bianco trial

Although she doesn’t want it and has no problem revealing her identity, there is a publication ban on the victim’s name.  I must abide by the ban.  I therefore had to wait until I got home to get the VIS posted.  (I have software on my desktop to redact names).

Thank you for sharing with us Victim A.  Your statement will without doubt help others who do not understand to understand the devastation caused by clerical sexual abuse.

Would any others agree to share their VIS?  If yes, please send it to me.  I will redact your name.  (I suggest that those who want to be or have no trouble being identified but have names are under publication ban contact the Crown attorney and ask that the ban be lifted on your name. )


I will be very busy for some time.  While I was in the States I received word from my webhost that I will have to have website copied as soon as possible.  I wasn’t aware that was down for a spell when an upgrade was undertaken on the servers or whatever.  Zoltan (my host) has kindly ensured that the site remains online for a spell to give me time to copy it.

I knew this day was coming.  I had been checking various software to find something I feel I can learn to operate relatively quickly which is run by reliable people.  I didn;ty get beyond that 🙁

So, this is it!

When I got home on the weekend I immediately set to copying to view offline – that way every page anbd link is captured and if worst comes to worst and the site disappears before I am finished I have the original.

There is software which can purchased to do the task.  I picked one, and set it to start.  Well, a mini disaster.

I ended up being blocked from accessing and Sylvia’s Site – I couldn’t  do a thing.  I thought perhaps that was the norm.  Seventeen hours later I contacted my webhost to let him know I couldn’t access the site and so on.

To make a long story short I contacted the people who sell the software which captures the website – got a few tips from them on the settings, and more direction from my webhost and then set it to start.

It’s done!  No glitches second time around.

Now I need to test the webbuilding software  and get to work.  I think there are about 4,000 pages to copy.

I will post articles and follow through on any info which needs checking into, but my focus will be rescuing theinquiry.cafrom extinction.

Please say a  wee prayer for me.

Enough for now,




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