Wonderful trip

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Arrived home about 9:30 pm this evening – emptied the car and suitcases and now a quick blog before calling it a day.

We had a wonderful visit in Chicago – actually Skokie.  My first visit to Chicago – don’t know what I expected but found I was surprised to find I was captivated by the city.  In a very shot period we rode the CTA Loop, marvelled at the spectacular view around and 103 stories below us from the Ledge atop the Sears/Willis tower, ogled at the multitude of mansions on the shoreline from Evanston to Glencoe Illinois,  and a 90 minute tour of the Navy Pier on on – would you believe it – a Segway!

Fun days 🙂

I tried to get online to blog a a quick note but connection problems  every time I tried.  And while visiting the family before Chicago every time I got out the laptop there was a little one at my shoulder wondering wanting to see what I was doing.  I don’t see them too often, and they are too young to read of the horrors which befall so many unfortunate children.  I opted to quickly moderate comments and tuck the computer away.  I wasn’t blogging or posting but assure you each and every one of you were never far from my thoughts and prayers – those I know, and those I do not.

So, I’m home.  I will be busy tomorrow – will start getting things posted again on Monday .

A wonderful trip, but always good to be back home 🙂

Enough for now,


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