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I was unable to post a blog on the evening of 17 May when we stopped in Ottawa Illinois for the night. We arrived at our destination safely on Friday evening.  I only this evening got the password to the get my laptop up and running.  The days have been full since arrival – off to baseball games, dance rehearsals and a dance recital – just going with the flow in a delightfully busy household.  Enjoying every golden minute 🙂


My thoughts and prayers were with Julie and the Chisholm family in a very special way this past week, and especially Saturday morning during the funeral. Thank you John for giving us an update. Carson will be sorely missed.  A trip to Cornwall will never be the same.

May he rest in peace.


I saw no news on the outcome of the Marcel Lalonde courtdate 15 May 2014.  When I get home in a little over a week I will get and post the next court date. Meanwhile,  please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Father Albert Laissnez has finally been charged:

17 May 2014:  Archbishop issues statement re charges against priest 

16 May 2014:  Edmonton priest charged with sexual assaults from 1980s

I commend the complainant who found the courage to go to police.  Well done. I am a little puzzled  in that it seems the charges were laid early this year and it is only now we are hearing about them.  How was this kept so quiet for so long? And a preliminary hearing is already booked  for 11 December of this year in Sherwood Park, Alberta! Unusual. Anyway, I do encourage anyone with allegations against Father Liasnez to contact police.


No charges to be laid against Father William Dohey

18 May 2014:  St. Patrick’s priest Wayne Dohey won’t be charged: archbishop

A diocesan investigation is presumably under way – and we still have not the faintest idea what the investigation entails. Unusual too.


I will moderate comments from my cell and can do so several times a day.  Time on the computer is a little more difficult.  I will post Canadian news when I can – no promises beyond that.

Enough for now,


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6 Responses to Unusual

  1. PJ says:

    “Ottawa bishop calls it ‘scandalous’ for Trudeau to practise Catholic faith while being pro-choice”. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-defends-abortion-stance-amid-sharp-catholic-cricitism-1.2649810

    Article on CBC website. What hypocrites in that church! What about the sex abuse scandals in their own midst? This idiot needs to leave others alone until he and the other collars clean up their own mess. Trying to refocus the country’s attention away from that church will not work as long as this website continues to remain on track exposing that church’s sex abuse sins!

    • Sylvia says:

      The Canadian bishops should be doing all PJ – upholding Church teaching on abortion AND reaching out to those who have suffered child sex abuse at the hands of clergy, deacons or religious of sexual abuse AND insisting that clerical sexual predators are denounced and defrocked.

    • Sylvia says:

      I decided to delete your last comment Lina.

      You will have to advocate for abortion elsewhere. This is not the place.

      • Lina says:

        I re-read what I said to PJ and I realize I did come across strong in some parts of that post of mine.

        What concern me a little is you saying I’m advocating abortion when I never had an abortion, never accompany any female to have abortion or even took part or attended in any pro-abortion rallies.

        I will do my best to stay clear of that pro choice issue in the future.

        I don’t have a problem you deleting my post because I do understand why you did it Sylvia.

        I just hope we can put our differences aside and not let it side track us from the importance to keep supporting the victims and survivors of clergy abuse.


  2. Cheryl Thomson says:

    I tried to post before on the shooting of the priest in St. Paul, Alberta; but since the CBC and the RCMP are conspiring to keep the truth from the public, I realize all we have now is speculation. But there must be people in Alberta who have contacted you directly by now. Let’s hear it!

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