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Former Catholic teacher and previously convicted molester Marcel Lalonde has a court date this morning in Cornwall, Ontario:

15 May 2014:  09:00 am, “to be spoken to,”  Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Five years behind bars for convicted molester Gabriel Del Bicano:

14 May 2014:   “Former Windsor priest sentenced for sex crimes” & related article

Such a relief I am sure for the victims.  This day would never have come had it not been for all of you who found  the courage to speak up and go to police.

Well done.  Now Gabe Del Bianco can rightly and legally be referred to as a convicted sexual predator.

And I love to see the the following:

“In his sentencing, Donohue quoted Matthew 18:6 that states it would be better for those who offend against little ones to have a millstone hung around their neck and drowned in the sea.”

Does anyone know where he will serve his time?  Someone posed the question to me and I have no idea.


I have added the name of Brother Alban Cyr fic to the Accused list.  That makes five Brothers who are now  known to have been preying on young boys at St. Mary’s International School in Japan.

Due to lack of time I have not yet added his name but have also heard troubling reports about Mr. Frank Selas, an American Grade 5 teacher who at least one former student was  told was fired after one year at SMIS.

Also, if you check the Brother John and Brother Lessard pages you will see that several new pictures have been added.


I posted the details on the visitation and funeral of Carson Chisholm.  I unfortunately will not be able to attend.  My husband and I are leaving this morning  to visit family in the States – circumstances make it impossible to delay our departure until Saturday.  I am disappointed beyond measure , but decided we will make the run down to St. Andrew’s after our return to say our goodbyes and a few prayers at Carson’s grave.

Carson’s  untimely death has given me cause to re-connect with several people whom I came to know so well during my years travelling back and forth to Cornwall.   We reminisced about our times with Carson and shared many a story.  Thank you Carson, for evoking a few smiles and laughs.  Even in death you touch our hearts and give us something to smile about.

And then late last evening someone directed me to this article in the Freeholder:

14 May 2014:  “Chisholm dead at 66″ & comments

I said my few words there.  I found the timing of this particular  article disturbing

May Carson’s dear soul rest in peace.


On the road soon.  A long 23-hour-drive ahead

Enough for now.


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